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Nicola Gover completed a training run • Cool down jog
Mon 25 Jan
Nicola Gover completed a ride • Innsbruck
Sun 24 Jan
Nicola Gover completed a training run • Trot round some hills*
Sun 24 Jan
Sat 23 Jan
Nicola Gover went on a training session
Training session

Revisiting the Task

Sat 23 Jan
Report written by Leanne Allsopp

On GoodGym York's 4th birthday, the Yorkies were invited to celebrate with a run, cycle or walk. Here's what they all got up to:

Ange and Hayden used their time zone advantage to get in first with a 4km out and 4km back run in New Zealand, and of course, they celebrated with cream cakes.


Louise wasn't far behind them - she got up at 4am to go for a four hour walk!

Egg got the rest of us warmed up by leading a special birthday fitness session which gave a lot of Yorkies a chance to complete their bingo task for the day - take a picture of another GG'er exercising.

Vicky went out GG'er spotting on her 4km walk around the Knavesmire and Mayfield Public Open Space. She found Michael, Jenna and Stef. I make that 4 Goodgymmers for a fourth birthday! Jenna even recieved a special present in the post - her 100 good deed t-shirt!

Meanwhile Laura went for a 4 mile birthday walk via the Knavesmire and woods and spotted 4 GoodGymmers going about their Birthday runs and walks.

Carl was pleased to get to the other side of the river - quite an achievement under the current flooded conditions.

Amy C mentioned that she was planning a 4 minute walk at 4pm, but in reality, she joined Ed to make a birthday message in the snow.


They also built a snowman...

Building a snowman counts as exercise, right? (Ed)

Barbara went for a 4km 4th birthday run.

Michal went for a 4km bike ride with his family, visiting the locations of previous tasks at Mayfields Public Open Space, the Knavesmire and Hob Moor.

Part-time Yorkie, Tom collected street names to make this snazzy 'Happy Birthday' collage:


I've never taken a mirror, party hat, cake and candles on a walk before (Tom)

Leanne had a similar idea and went on a 14 mile run to visit 11 previous task locations. She stopped at each to do 4 lunges on each leg, and to collect a letter to spell out 'GoodGym York'. She also did 4 star jumps next to 4 different graffitied lamposts, in honour of GG York's first ever task. There were two stops en route - one to eat cake outside Brigantes where we used to gather for cake and beer after group runs, and later for a 40 second wall sit under a bridge.


Lucy opted for a 4 hour walk past some task locations - including the 'Never-ending footpath'

New GGer, Briony went out for a 7 mile walk with her family. And of course, they had some cake to celebrate.

Joe did a 5 mile walk and saw 3 GG runners on his travels round Bishopthorpe, the Knavesmire and Hob Moor

Paul Kelly took a 'Dear Photograph' approach on his half marathon route around previous task locations. 278648

Follow this link to see more of PK's photos

Rich reported that he and Nikki went on what Stava told him was his longest walk ever and Nikki took a million photos. They visited as many task locations as they could remember that were 'vaguely sensible to reach' It seems like memory lane is a long road!


At the same time, Debs was out walking down her own memory lane where she covered 25km, 46ish locations, accounting for 84ish good deeds.

Andy found a number 4 on his 22.3km run. He also did a 4.4km walk with 'Strava tax' allowed for- but this time Strava didn't take it and logged it as 4.45!

Cara went for a walk in the hills near her village. She was hoping that it might take four hours, or involve 400m of elevation to fit into the 'four' theme, so was pleased to find that, at the highest point, she was 400m above sea level! 278660

Amy T celebrated gg's 4th birthday by doing one of her longest ever off-road runs.

I found slippy mud, sticky mud, sloppy mud and even solid icy mud. Thankfully no mud pies though.

Paul W ran to the site of his first ever GG task, rebarking the path at Dick Turpin’s grave gardens. He followed up with cake and then some flood tourism.

Bec walked along the muddy Foss thinking about happy times with GGers, after a fab Egg warmup. Then ooohhhed and errrrred at the floods.

Happy 4th everyone (Bec)

Pauline from GG Liverpool joined in the celebrations by visiting York Place on her 4km walk before completing a couple of good deeds - one in a giraffe onsie. She also got us a balloon! Thanks Pauline!


Happy Birthday GoodGym York! 🥳

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Fri 22 Jan
Fri 22 Jan
Nicola Gover went on a community mission
Community mission

Alma (Terrace) gonna go have a Butchers (Terrace) at the flooding

Thu 21 Jan
Report written by Nicola Gover

The call came again for some last minute leaflet delivering to more possibly-about-to-be-flooded houses, after another volunteer group hadn't managed to complete a final few streets earlier in the day.

A hardy group of 5 heeded the call and wound their way through the flooded streets to meet and share out the letters. Team Gover took the Bishy road side while Team Shar-Czek-Spice took Alma Terrace.

Team Gover hotfooted it over to Butcher Terrace and quickly delivered all the required letters, despite a few red herring letterboxes (including one nailed shut and one in an alleyway instead of the front door, as well as the usual array of letter-chewers). Quite a few sandbags already in evidence, and water lapping at the doors of some houses. Rich got bitten more than he could chew at one house, where a surprise tiny, but very angry, dog leapt out of the shadows to nip his ankles, much to his owner's horror. Other than that all went smoothly, and after ogling the flood water from the bridge for a bit, we headed home for tea, medals and wine.

From Team Alma, Michal and Max delivered on the left side of the road and Debs did the right side. Once they got to the bottom of the road they found that they had a few spare letters. The flooded house on the photo did get their letter delivered over the fence as the water was too deep get to their main entrance!

After pondering what to do with spare letters and studying the addresses list for good 5 min, they texted Team Gover for the second part of the list. Eventually they found out that they missed out the big block of flats/apartments at the junction with Fulford Rd (called Arncliffe Mews). They didnt have enough letters to drop at each flat, but they should be fine as they are farthest from the river. Other than Max reporting having slightly chilly fingertips, all was good for the Alma team and no vicious animal savagings to report.

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Nicola Gover completed a training run • Evening Run
Thu 21 Jan
Nicola Gover signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Lettering Alma Terrace area (that's lettering not littering 😉)

Thu 21 Jan 18:45 pm
92 Alma Terrace, York, YO10 4DJ
Provide information and advice ahead of potential flooding

Approx 160 council advice letters need delivering to residents of the Alma Terrace area who are at risk of flooding.

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