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GoodGym area activator in York. I love running, cycling and playing team sports i.e. basketball for mental and physical wellbeing.


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Michal Czekajlo completed a training run • Training run
Sat 17 Apr
Michal Czekajlo completed a walk • Walk
Sat 17 Apr
Michal Czekajlo completed a ride • Chill ride to GG task
Fri 16 Apr
Michal Czekajlo went on a community mission
Community mission

Concrete job, or is this metal?

Fri 16 Apr
Report written by Michal Czekajlo

Early arrivals observed the first team at work from the distance and found it very therapeutic.

As the first six red t-shirts were leaving we only had time for a quick shout 'hi', a wave and a very brief distanced handover.

The task ahead of us was to uncover the rest of the historic railway tracks (read the full historical study here), create a channel for the rain/flood water to drain, make edges of the dig less steep to remove trip hazards and tidy up the area after our counterparts.

Our excavation uncovered an interesting metal structure connected to the railway tracks and a rather large area of concrete around it and extending further under the grass.

What is this? Is this the… I think its metal…

After 50 minutes of honest labour we asked the task owner if he was happy with the results. Guess what he said!

You have made a fantastic effort. We wouldn’t be able to achieve that without your help - Chris

Everyone felt sense of achievement and found this task really rewarding.

As Rich stated in this report we are likely to be doing it all over again in the future.

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Michal Czekajlo completed a training run • Run and chat
Wed 14 Apr
Michal Czekajlo completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Wed 14 Apr
Michal Czekajlo went on a community mission
Community mission

Skip those branches

Wed 14 Apr
Report written by Michal Czekajlo

Four cyclists and two runners arrived at the entrance to the Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School in readiness for another garden tidy up task.

Emma, the task owner, showed us a rather large pile of branches that needed cutting into smaller pieces and transporting, using a small tarp and a trolley, to the skip at the other side of the school grounds. We soon realised that all the branches will not fit, as the skip was already more than half full. That meant putting the rest of them back on the pile.

Next task was to remove assortment of bricks, roof and wall tiles, steel guttering and pieces of fence panels with nails and wire from the school forest boundary making it save for children to play there. While doing so we had to be very careful not to destroy the established wildlife habitat.

Leave the sticks for kids to play - Emma

The last task tonight was to trim scented rosemary, bramble and leafy bush to improve visibility from the classroom and across the playground. This sparked a conversation about versatility of rosemary in cooking.

This smell makes me hungry - Lauren

With all the trimmings disposed of and tools tidied up it was time for a socially distanced photo and then a run or cycle back home.

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Michal Czekajlo completed a training run • Evening Run
Tue 13 Apr
Michal Czekajlo completed a ride • Afternoon Ride
Tue 13 Apr
Michal Czekajlo signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Break down soil clods, barrow and rake

Thu 29 Apr 18:30 pm
Heworth Without Community Centre, Applecroft Road, York, YO31 0HG
Tidy up after recent outdoor gym equipment installation

Roger from the Heworth Without Parish Council asked for our help with tidying up the meadow/playing field site after recent outdoor gym equipment installation. Couple of tons of soil have been dug out for the equipment foundations and deposited on site. Roger wants us to break up the clods, get the soil sieved and transported to a low lying area of the playing field where it is to be raked into the grass as a top dressing. Some of the clods are very hard to chop up, but we will have some hammers to make our work easier.

Wheelbarrows, spades, hammers and rakes will be provided.

Please bring your gardening gloves.

We are expected to try out the new gym equipment, but not spend all our time on it!

Meet at the play area entrance


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