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Cause my boots are too bootylicious for ya, babe - Happy Second Birthday GoodGym Cardiff

25 runners ran 7.0km to help the Global Gardens Project in Cardiff.

  • Mikey
  • Emma Wilkins
  • Benjamin Annear
  • Cardiff runner
  • Ellen
  • Su Fernandez
  • Lowri Davies
  • Adam
  • Pablo
  • Emma Hughes-McEwan
  • David McCullough
  • Darren Raz-Nick
  • Andrew Skelton
  • Peter Gillibrand
  • Mathew
  • Emily Cotterill
  • Adam Hammond
  • Anthony Yates
  • Meg Jackson
  • Sophie Hastings
  • Llion Wigley
  • Oli Perkins
  • Mali Davies-hughes
  • Erika Lade
  • Josie
Tuesday, 21st of May 2019
Led by Benjamin Annear

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to GoodGym Cardiff, Happy Birthday to us!

Yes, that's right, it's our birthday. GG Cardiff is now two years old! The first GoodGym run ever took place in Cardiff on Tuesday 23rd May 2017 - Click here to see photos from the first ever run and read about what we got up to.

This week's run started with a head count, stating our name and breaking the ice by saying our favourite animal. We also acknowledged Emma reaching the 50 good deed milestone. Emma was awarded with her own 50 good deed badge tonight. She can also claim her milestone t-shirt. It was so lovely to see her with a well deserved HUGE smile on her face. We also gave a HUGE WELCOME TO JOSIE, Josie was joining us for her first ever GoodGym run after hearing about GoodGym at the Big Cardiff Social Run that took place last week.

We didn't waste anymore time as we knew Poppy was waiting for us at the Global Gardens Allotment in Gabalfa. We therefore split into 3 groups; Adam and Welsh Dave led the speedy group whilst Ben and Mikey led the Sexy runners. Ellen led the walking group.

The sexy runners, not wasting the opportunity to run through a park in good weather, took a detour though Alexander park. Ben made up an exercise called 'Birthday squats' that everyone joined in with - wooo... well done peeps!

Welcome to the Global Gardens Allotment GoodGym

At the Global Gardens Allotment: Poppy greeted us with a huge smile. It was so wonderful seeing her again as our last visit to the allotment was last Autumn.

The tasks Poppy set us this evening included:

  • Sorting boots into their pairs - This task was called booty bingo!
  • Weeding the plantation beds
  • Watering the plants
  • Digging over soil
  • Moving rocks and making a rock pile

Litter Pickers

The litter pickers were 'litterally' amazing. Ellen said passers by were saying "Oh look it's GoodGym" and some even stopped to ask how they could get involved. The litter picker extraordinaires managed to fill 3 bags of litter in the time they spent roaming the streets of Cathays - Fab work!

Done already? Wow - You're quick

Poppy was impressed with how much we got done in the allotted time - I told her her we work fast! The boots got sorted, the plantation beds got weeded, the plants got watered, the soil got dug over and, guess what, the rocks got moved into a rock pile. A very successful group run to start off GoodGym's third year

The winner of this week's tweet off was Lucy M. Well done Ms Speedy! - Come on peeps. Practice your tweeting. There must be someone out their who can stop Lucy's winning streak. Here is the tweet off leaderboard -

  • LM 7
  • EW 2
  • MG 2
  • NS 2
  • MJ 2
  • DRN 1
  • BA 1
  • NI 1
  • AG 1
  • WD 1

Remember the RunPunStiltskin award? - Whoever could come up with the pun for the run would win the virtual award. Well this week Lowri wins it! Llongyfarchiadau Lowri!

Report written by Benjamin Annear

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Nathan Swain
Nathan Swain
Wednesday May 22nd, 2019 12:21

*correction... LM 7

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Led by

Benjamin Annear

Benjamin Annear
Hello, i'm Ben! I'm the trainer of GoodGym Cardiff! Please get in touch with any questions and click support to follow updates.

Runners helping out

  • Walk Leader

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    • Ellen
  • Photographer

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    • Ellen
  • Document Checker

    Help with checking Document of runner for DBS check

    • Ellen
  • Back markers

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Adam
    • Mikey

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