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Alice-it tales of bi-scoffing in the face of rain

37 runners ran 5.9km to help the St Werburghs Centre and Bramble Hill Farm in Bristol.

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Tuesday, 12th of March 2019
Led by Shona Buchanan

Due to Storm Gareth, we were sadly not able to paint the St Paul's railings this evening with the fear that our painting would end in puddles (or, with the wind blowing right now, that the railings would no longer be there at all).

However, we still had two tasks to help with tonight. Welcome to Ruth, Hannah, Roz and Catherine who joined us tonight! Before getting started, we did a birthday warm up for Alice, based on her number of years for each warm up activity. We then split into two groups...

Chris took a group to Bramble Hill Farm to help with the huge task of tackling the giant compost heap blocking the farm's entrance. Over the next 40 minutes, they shovelled their way through a tonne of compost. I hope you arms aren't feeling it too much tomorrow! Watch this space for further chances to help with the giant compost heap...

The second group split into two to let Gary's speedies speed away into the night. We reconvened at St Werburgh's Community Centre, where we had been left a list of tasks for the group to do. After rummaging through various cupboards and rooms, we gathered equipment and got to work sweeping the outside area where we had helped remove their rubber play area a few weeks' ago, litter-picking and playing the age-old game of How Many GoodGymers Can You Fit In A Toilet * (there was some painting involved too).

On the subject of toilets, Head Office had assigned us the task of creating a number 2 tonight. Jack took on the role of Artistic Director and did a great job of making a small space, no ladder and 30 GoodGymers recreate our placing in the timeframe of GoodGym areas.

After all that, it was time to head back to base and to belatedly celebrate Laura's 50th Good Deed which she got on Friday's Community Mission and Alice's birthday with some delicious baked goods!

*historic evidence of this being an age-old game not confirmed

Report written by Shona Buchanan

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Alice Dalrymple
Alice Dalrymple
Wednesday March 13th, 2019 09:43

What a fantastic run title! Couldn't have spent my Birthday with a better bunch. Thanks all x

Laura Spencer
Laura Spencer
Thursday March 14th, 2019 18:24

That number 2 was pretty good!

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Led by

Shona Buchanan

Shona Buchanan
Trainer for Bristol GoodGym. Continually running for that finishing slice of cake.

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