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Co-founder of GoodGym Bristol, don't run as much as I'd like to


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Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett went on a group run

Tue 20th Feb at 6:20pm

Bumper pickings? Nice one.

Bristol Report written by Bristol runner

It was a mild night, too mild one might say. We gathered in Queen Square for a short saunter over to Redcliffe for a litter pick. Do you have an oronnnnjary? If so what do you grow in it? We litter picked the car park by the school, we picked by the community garden, we picked like picky things that just liked to pick. A number of bags were filled and we made our merry way back to have a rather civilised pot of tea, little finger out everyone please! Now when is a plate a bowl or a dish? Can you stack bungalows? Not sure what was in that tea. This report was written by RG and may include themes of fiction.

if anyone else wants to add their recollection of events:

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Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett signed up to a group run.

Tue 20th Feb at 6:20pm

Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett signed up to a group run.

Tue 23rd Jan at 6:20pm

Group Run - 23 Jan

Somewhere will be looking much better, or worse, depending on the task...

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Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett went on a group run

Tue 23rd Jan at 6:20pm

Alice the Camel had x humps

Bristol Report written by Melanie Young (she/her)

Comparing injuries seems to have become a thing at GoodGym Bristol, rather than people confidentially letting Melanie know - easy life!

Richard G and Vaguely Northern Darren had pain in opposing hips which caused Frances to burst into song with "Alice the Camel" complete with actions. It’s now our new warm up routine.

The runners set off for a harbour loop, unsure if the wind would be up, down or across the harbour whilst the walkers crossed the bridge to the communal Redcliff Backs flowerbed, recycling station and bin store (or "rubbish not in bin" store as it seemed to have become.

Trowels and forks plus a litterpicker and some loppers were ideal tools along with gloves to get going on the actual litter, leaf litter and weeds. The cunningly sloped flowerbed makes it a great core workout as you try not to slide down!

Arron and Jason invented a new mushroom pose for one of the butterfly lights meaning they had light and no-one was blinded - genius!

Frances was working out what was and what wasn't a weed (hopefully) when the runners arrived, adding and extra 30 metres or so to make Darren's watch record a full 5K.

The extra numbers meant lots more weeders and Chris, Richard B and Ed were soon making - sorry, clearing up - general mess and weeds from around the flower bed.

A quick Athletic Brewing Company alcohol-free beer break followed with the weather having been good at the task - tucked away out of the howling wind with nothing blowing around for us to catch.

Back to Queen Square and Workout with a new game of Top Trumps of Bristol GoodGym cats and kittens. Totally Normal.

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Bristol runner

Wed 24th Jan at 4:12pm ?

Jason Thorne

Wed 24th Jan at 5:31pm

Quicky deregisters from future projects given new warm up routine!

Bristol runner

Wed 24th Jan at 8:22pm you need a bunch of friends to smack your hips into.. boom boom boom! (This was the relevance to the painful hips when you were comparing them, clearly it had been an over-enthusiastic round of 'alice the camel'

Bristol runner

Thu 25th Jan at 9:21am

Thanks, I shall have to try this again sometime 🤔