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Area Activator for Bristol Loves being outdoors and being active, helping make the world a happier place to be one day at a time. Eats cake.


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Friday Farm Frolics
🗓Tomorrow 8:00am

📍Windmill Hill City Farm BS3 4EA

Our local community farm is tidier for the enjoyment of all

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Melanie Young
Melanie Young (she/her) went on a group run

Tue 21st May at 6:20pm

Pick of the pond

Bristol Report written by Melanie Young (she/her)

It was lovely and summery when we met at Queens Square, welcoming Will and Osama to their first ever group run plus Ryan and Ruben back for their second.

The 8 runners set off, led by Richard B who bravely made sure there was some health and safety to go with the pick axe we were trusted with and remembered to take a before photo - thank you!

The 3 walkers were hot on their heels and really impressed with the pond digging as they set about distributing woodchip to the paths and bricks artistically laid around the planted areas otherwise lost among the tall grass - well done, Jason.

Caroline and Valè joined our four newest GoodGymmers shifting the soil, stones and bricks out of the newly designated pond area after Jordan had made short work of pick-axing the somehow-still-dry ground to loosen it up and make the mounds for landscaping.

Two good reasons for tidying up were to get out of the rain and to eat lovely cake and admire all the hard work.

Richard G and Melanie got totally soaked on the walk back despite Richard's very big umbrella.

Well done, everyone - I'm pretty sure the pond would be full by now with this rain if we'd had a pond liner!

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Jordan James Cogzell
Melanie YoungEma QuinnSam Lefevre
Melanie Young
Melanie Young (she/her) signed up to a community mission.

Fri 24th May at 8:00am

Friday Farm Frolics

Our local community farm is tidier for the enjoyment of all

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Jordan James CogzellEma Quinn
Melanie Young
Melanie Young (she/her) signed up to a party.

Tue 4th Jun at 8:15pm

Ema Quinn