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Loves being outdoors and being active, helping make the world a happier place to be one day at a time. Eats cake.


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Group Run - 11 Oct - Emmaussing
🗓Tuesday 11th October 6:15pm

📍Queen Square BS1 4LH

Emmaus' warehouse will be a lot tidier or messier, depending on what they want us to do!

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Tue 11th Oct at 8:00pm

Melanie Young
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Tue 27th Sep at 6:15pm

Dispensing Knowledge Left, Right and Centre

Bristol Report written by Melanie Young (she/her)

Every now and again we get to venture up one of Bristol's many hills. Rarer still, it's for the task of leafletting so even more steps. On Tuesday at least that bit was downhill!

Liam tracked us down in Queen Square and fitted right in with commiserating about the number of Bristol's bridges currently shut and playing havoc with our easy route planning. The GoodGym Swim may yet happen!

We were answering an urgent call from the Knowle West Alliance to deliver their community newsletter, The Knowledge, ahead of their big community festival day on Saturday 1st.

As well as mastering the art of letterbox pushing, we met a fair few residents and shopkeepers who were keen to know what was happening and also discovered just how weirdly wiggly Wedmore Vale is at the bottom with the numbers stopping and starting - no takers for being a postie here, thank you!

The Christmas decorations seem to have started already, or maybe they're late taking down from last year?

We'd soon finished what we think is the right road's houses but some was guesswork! Back to Queen Square for more chat and stretch, followed by chat and a drink at workout.

Back for more next week?

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Melanie Young
Melanie Young (she/her) signed up to a group run.

Tue 18th Oct at 6:15pm

Group Run - 18 Oct

Somewhere in Bristol will be even more lovely

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