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Loves being outdoors and being active, helping make the world a happier place to be one day at a time. Eats cake.


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Group Run - 6 Jun - to SouthVILLE, whilst the cat’s away
🗓Tuesday 6th June 6:15pm

📍GG Corner of Queen Square BS1 4JE

The centre in Southville, Bristol will be even more lovely

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Melanie Young
Melanie Young (she/her) went on a group run

Tue 23rd May at 6:15pm

No, I’m Spade-icus

Bristol Report written by Melanie Young (she/her)

Dig over a patch of ground, they said. A few dry days after some wet ones should have been ideal, shouldn't it?

An uphill run read to an uphill challenge - the weed suppressing cardboard had let a fair few weeds in but the ground felt like sold clay and it was a full-on workout to try to get forks into the ground and then break the weeds out of the clumps of claggy soil, possibly spreading more weed seed than we were removing...

Alice experienced some stone-throwing kids on her way to GoodGym but managed a full-on mindful recovery by going to see the Bramble Farm kids - these ones of the goat variety.

We were small in number but mighty in effect and filled wheelbarrow after after wheelbarrow (technically only two wheelbarrows) full of weeds except the bindweed which we all know goes in the yellow bindweed bucket. Obviously.

There was some drama over passing a spade between GoodGymmers which established a Spade etiquette which became a Spade-iquette which elicited a chorus of "No, I'm Spade-icus". In case that wasn't clear.

Other members of the cooperative were really appreciative and we'd (weed) had a great time as we set off back up the hill with the gorgeous sunshine on our backs.

Another lovely evening with good friends.

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Bristol runner

Wed 24th May at 8:54pm

We’ll have to find you a badge!