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Group Run - 27 Sep - spreading the Knowledge
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People in Knowle will “know”l more about good things going on

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Tue 27th Sep at 6:15pm

Group Run - 27 Sep - spreading the Knowledge

People in Knowle will “know”l more about good things going on

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VaguelyNorthernDarren went on a group run

Tue 20th Sep at 6:15pm

Cake News or fake news?

Bristol Report written by Melanie Young (she/her)

We weren't at all nervous that GG Central had sent an inspector along to our Bristol Group Run, just as yet another bridge was closed to pedestrians making our running and walking route even more complicated.

The spy/inspector was the very lovely Theresa who'd managed to negotiate trains and buses to get to is and soon put us at ease (when we'd explained there would be cake later!).

After the usual welcome, we set off in three group - runners led by Vaguely Northern Darren and backmarked by Alice D, Tim leading and backmarking the cycling group (of one) and Melanie with Theresa walking and chatting non-stop. It was great to talk about all things "normal for GG Bristol" that don't necessarily happen elsewhere, and things we can learn from other GGs.

Work was well underway by the time we arrived at the Southville Centre and Hugh was quick to say how lovely we all are - phew! There was sweeping and painting and tidying all over the place and Theresa managed to talk to lots of people about their first time at GoodGym (way back when) to help GG Central with ideas/stories for helping others to cone along - lots of people sign up but never make it or wait ages before finding out how amazing it is to be a GoodGymmer.

The convoluted journey meant the walkers had to leave before the Big Finish but happily received a message to get our drinks order as the runners has overtaken us on the way back.

But what about the Cake News or Fake News? Russell

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Theresa Joseph
Theresa Joseph (she/her)

Fri 23rd Sep at 7:16pm

A really great session and looking forward to visiting you all again soon!

VaguelyNorthernDarren signed up to a group run.

Tue 20th Sep at 6:15pm