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Running and yoga - my yin and yang. Sometimes I'm not sure which way around they are but it's all good! IG: runningnowandzen


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Sun 26th Feb at 11:00am

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Tue 7th Feb at 6:15pm

Indoor at The Scrapstore…What a Score!

Bristol Report written by VaguelyNorthernDarren

Cara and Kirsty greeted us on this cold February evening and knowing what hardy souls GoodGymmers are, led us to the 'Play Room' as it was 'warmer' than the other rooms! (thank you :-) )

There were 4 tasks already set up. Russ and Sarah K set about cutting out paper shapes (I wasn't paying attention I'm afraid, but Sarah was upset when I said it was time to stop so it must have been fun and it wasn't just because stopping work meant it was that little bit closer for her viva on Thursday! (you're got the Dr Kappel, Horse Whisperer!!!)

Paul and Jason were cutting paper into metre-long strips from big rolls, Caroline and Nicoleta were using a special circle cutter and cut out 'hundreds' of paper circles while Matt and I, Vaguely Northern Darren, beat the world record for removing batteries and wires from 'loads' of old keyboards, before helping Paul and Jason cut more paper strips out because they were going rather slow ...

We all joined in the singing as Cara had put on the radio and it helped the time fly by! (I think everyone else joined in, but I was singing loudly and probably drowned out the others!

Before we knew it, it was time to head back with happy memories, and no (reported) paper cuts which was a pleasant surprise!

Hopefully the Scrapstore will have us back soon as it's a great Tuesday session!

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Olivia Waller

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Jason Thorne

Wed 8th Feb at 9:42am

No fights either!