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Manor Woods Valley - July edition
๐Ÿ—“Saturday 8th July 11:30am

๐Ÿ“Manor Valley Woods BS3 5SA

Getting stuck in with a local group to improve our open spaces

Paul Becker
One GoodGymer is going - 7 spaces left! ๐Ÿ‘€
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Paul Becker
Paul Becker (he/him) went on a group run

Tue 6th Jun at 6:15pm

Brush Strokes

Bristol Report written by Bristol runner

A slightly cooler evening greeted nine wonderful GoodGymers as they gathered in Queen Square ready to set off to Southville Centre for today's task. It was great to welcome Declan who was joining us for the first time - we hope you enjoyed your first session Declan.

Paul kindly headed up the running group, with Richard backmarking and we all chatted happily as we ran, walked and dodged cars, pedestrians and cyclists on our way to the task.

Hugh greeted us at the Southville Centre and provided us with an array of paint brushes, brooms and dustpan and brushes to carry out an assortment of tasks.

The painters were Phill and Paul, tackling the fence posts, with Frances, Declan and Richard painting a small play house followed by a bench.

Meanwhile, Caroline, Clo, Jason and Dave were on sweeping up duty to clear the leaves, stones and dirt from the play areas and pathways.

45 minutes later we called time on our brush work with the place looking somewhat brighter and fresher and headed back to base and on to well earned burgers for this month's Eats Social ๐Ÿ” - yum! Nice one Clo on organising that and for taking the photos this evening!

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Paul Becker
Paul Becker (he/him) signed up to a community mission.

Sat 8th Jul at 11:30am

Manor Woods Valley - July edition

Getting stuck in with a local group to improve our open spaces

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Manjit BirkIvo
Paul Becker
Paul Becker (he/him) signed up to a party.

Tue 6th Jun at 8:00pm

Manjit Birk
Paul Becker
Paul Becker (he/him) went on a community mission

Sat 3rd Jun at 11:30am

One to tree community mission

Bristol Report written by Paul Becker (he/him)

A great turnout today for the June session with Manor Woods Valley Group. Indeed, with three back to back community missions today, for some this wasn't their first good deed of the day and for one particular individual it was their 3rd (with a 4th 'regular' mission still to come!)

Today's task was to clear a space around the new fruit trees, both to prevent them becoming lost in the brambles and also to encourage some wildflowers with the newly available light.

In no time at all we had cleared a large area and we headed off into the sunshine, some to their next mission, one on his holidays (have a great time!) and - for Danica, an extra assignment to save a local hedgerow.

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Manjit Birk