Shona's Party

Celebrating Shona as our trainer/AA


As you probably know, Shona is stepping down as Area Activator, boo! She has been a fantastic AA and trainer for GG Bristol and it will be a huge loss to us. Brush your tears aside and come join us for a celebration! Do do do come on and do the Shona! (like the conga)

Shona has had a huge challenge of leading a group of up to 70 people (was it more!?) but somehow successfully managing to find 3, sometimes 4 tasks with enough for everyone to do and look like it didn't phase her! She fit in straight away with GG Bristol and is absolutely lovely. She was a perfect trainer with lots of energy and fun games to keep us entertained. Her warm personality made newbies feel welcome and she will be missed, though let's hope she will still come to tasks.

Let's show how much we appreciated Shona/Shenigans (as my phone liked to auto correct her name!) and have a virtual party. We may do a short Q and A with Shona too so bring your burning question, or just bring your drinks and party hat? 🎉

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Meeting ID: 738 0700 5703 Passcode: Shona

Date and time

20:00 - 21:45 Tuesday, 20th of October 2020


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The GoodGym central team will also be in contact if we are made aware that anyone attending this session tests positive in the days afterwards.

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Hi I'm Clo, and I'm totally addicted to Goodgym...

Who's going

  • Emma R
  • David Schlaphorst
  • Alison Davidson
  • Shreena Parmar
  • Caroline Thomas
  • Alice
  • Russ Cahill
  • Charlene
  • Bristol runner
  • Julie M
  • Bristol runner
  • Shona Buchanan
  • Tim
  • Bristol runner
  • Alice Whale
  • Bristol runner
  • Melanie Young
  • Bristol runner
  • Bristol runner
  • Matt Burton
  • Bristol runner
  • Lisa Elliott
  • Laura Spencer
  • Richard Breakspear
  • Jenny Chak
  • Bristol runner

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