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Community mission

Gardening at The Haven

Sat 15 May 11:00 am
Haven Community Garden, Wainbrook Drive, Clay Bottom, Bristol, BS5 7EG
Helping establish the therapeutic gardens

Return to the Haven for 2021. The garden is tucked away under the old railway bridge just south of Eastville Park.

We’ll be helping with a series of gardening tasks to get the garden and growing areas ready for the new season.

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Community mission

Tidying up Northern Slopes

Sat 10 Apr 09:30 am
Novers Steps, Northern Slopes, Bristol, BS3 5LN
Improve a local green space

Come and join us at Northern Slopes at 9:30 to make the area look more tidy by addressing the regrown, defining the paths, clearing space for more trees as well as some litter-picking in the area.

We will be meeting at the top of Novers Steps. Look up manage.stones.burst on to see the exact location.

Please bring your own gloves. Tools will be provided. As some parts of this task involve thick bramble bushes, please consider adequate clothing.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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A Gurt Lush Natter

Tue 13 Apr 20:00 pm
From your home, Any city, Any postcode
A chance to catch up with Goodgymers anywhere

This is a chance for us to chat together with new or regular Goodgymers and have a good chinwag. The great part of having an video call is they could be in Portugal, Sheffield, Swindon, Tewkesbury, London, Leeds etc but we can chat together.

Would you prefer to chat at the virtual park and play games or just on zoom? We can decide nearer the time and I'll let you know the link/check back here.

We're looking for forward to seeing you. Soon we can hopefully also have socials in real life wow!

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Matt Burton completed a training run • Morning Run
Sat 3 Apr
Matt Burton went on a community mission
Community mission

Swift Sweep of the Riverbanks

Sat 3 Apr
Report written by Bristol runner

Nine GoodGym runners came together to help out Surfers Against Sewage and collect litter along the Avon riverbanks. This task proofed to be a perfect warm up for an easter egg hunt as the area we wanted to tackle seemed surprisingly litter free on first inspection. However, it became quickly clear that most rubbish was either covered in mud so hard to detect at first glance or somewhat buried in the deep grass. Once we adjusted our eyes and fine tuned our searching skills, we cleaned the area swiftly. To our delight, our bags were not very heavy at the end meaning that carrying the rubbish bags the 1km long track back to the road seemed like a breeze compared to previous missions (Or maybe we are just getting stronger doing by this workout every two weeks?!). However, just before we reached our bag drop location, we passed another grassy bit on the riverbank that was completely covered in rubbish. So we swiftly switched back into litter pick mode and gathered all the rubbish within a few minutes. High on the unexpected sense of achievement (it was quite satisfying to really see a difference once we finished litter picking at the second site) and with now rather heavy bags, we ended our task with building a neat pile of rubbish bags waiting to be picked up by the council.

Also, I managed to score some planters that will receive a new lease on life in my garden.

Great job everyone!

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Matt Burton completed a ride • Good Friday Sunny Ride
Fri 2 Apr
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Community mission

Litter picking with Surfers Against Sewage

Sat 3 Apr 10:00 am
Avon gorge towpath, Leigh Woods side , Bristol, BS8
Make the gorge gorgeous

Come help make the gorge tidy! Wear your oldest shoes possible - it gets muddy! PLEASE bring some bin bags if you can, and don't forget your gloves!

We will meet at the (bottom) entrance of Nightingale Valley which is just off the cycling path to Pill (OPPOSITE side to the Portway!). Enter the three words below on the what-three-words website to find the exact location: went.faced.beast

See you there! Sarah

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Training session

All Suns Blazing!

Sat 27 Mar
Report written by Euclides Montes

27 Goodgymmers bathed in glorious sunshine, revelling in the first hints of summer, as they walked/jogged/ran to cover the 196850 inches needed to complete their Saturday (not)parkruns.

Been There, Sun That!

Let this be a timely reminder that when GGHaringey brings it, We. Bring. It! What a wonderful day of sunshine we all enjoyed, thanks to whatever black magic GGHaringey arranged with the (not)parkrun gods. But as putative Gramps at GGHaringey I'd like to assure you that there will not be any need for Wicker Man burning offerings to placate the dark deities. Instead, 27 Goodgymmers covered a whopping 135kms (or 442913 feet) to commemorate another weekend without parkrun proper. 

And they all looked very hawt while doing it but I will let the selection of selfies above speak for itself.

Next up, (not)parkrun Does Greenwich for Week 13 on Saturday. Sign up. Have fun. Smash it. Don't climb into any Wicker effigies #JustSayin


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Training session

GoodGym (not)parkrun - Week 13!

Sat 3 Apr 09:00 am
Your home, Your city, Your postcode
Improve your fitness

GoodGym (not)parkrun will be hosted by a different GoodGym area each week during lockdown and is aiming to get everyone involved throughout 2021, get fit and active in your local community and carry forward the parkrun spirit, whilst following Covid rules of course.

GG Greenwich is picking up the baton for (not) parkrun on Saturday 3rd April! Everyone is very welcome to join!

And remember to follow all Covid rules and guidelines on your run, be safe, be socially-distanced and keep moving!

You can complete your 5K any time on Saturday and submit your time, by midnight on Saturday, using the form

A big shout out to Melanie Young @ GoodGym Bristol (aka tech savvy whizz kid) for creating the results form and who will put the results together for our (not)parkrun events. 

To let her know your email address and other useful information, there's a one-off registration form to complete. You can find this here.

If you'd like a photo to be included in the run report, please take a selfie and email it to

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Matt Burton completed a training run • GG - Not parkrun - Week 11
Sat 27 Mar
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