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Matt Burton went on a community mission
Community mission

Squash Fest! - morning shift

Sat 16 Oct

Celebrate Autumn Harvest at Oxford City Farm’s Squash fest!

The event is 10.30am – 2.30pm, so we will divide into 2 x 2 hour tasks. Of course, you are welcome to sign up for both!

Come and meet the animals (hoping for Faldo the mule), enjoy pop corn and hot chocolate around the campfire. Delicious pumpkin themed foody treats will be served from the pop up cafe – soup, cake and much more, as well as honey and chutney for sale.

There will be apple pressing so bring bottles if you would like to take some juice home.

We will be helping serve refreshments and apple pressing.

All activities will take place outside.

Event details here if you’d like to but prefer not to volunteer this time.

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Matt Burton signed up to a group run
Group run

Planting bulbs in Marston, take 2

Wed 20 Oct 17:45 pm
Richard Benson Hall, 276 Cowley Rd, Oxford, OX4 1UR

As we head into autumn we're getting bulbs in the ground for some spring cheeriness.

Nothing lifts the spirits like the first flowers of spring, and autumn is the time to get bulbs in the ground. We will plant bulbs in Marston this evening on the request of Marston Community Gardeners. This is the 2nd of 3 sessions we have planned for bulb planting this year - we’ll be quite the pros by the end of October! It'll be fun to revisit in the spring to check them out in flower - hopefully next year we won't be in lockdown and will actually be able to.

Some tools will be provided but bring your own gardening gloves, and if you are able to bring a trowel or bulb planter it would be a great help. As the evenings are drawing in I suggest hi-vis for runners if you have them, and headtorches would be helpful for everyone. I'll bring our portable lights and a couple of spare head torches.

Meeting options:
* Anyone wishing to run to the task as a group please meet in the car park of the Richard Benson Hall, 276b Cowley Rd at 5:45pm. There will just be a running group this week as it is a little too far to get to Marston in time if we walk. There won’t be a bag drop available.
* If you would prefer to meet at the task please meet us at 6:15pm outside the CoOp on Old Marston Road.

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Matt Burton completed a training run • Evening Run
Wed 13 Oct
Matt Burton completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Wed 13 Oct
Matt Burton went on a group run
Group run

Spruce (up) Almighty!

Wed 13 Oct
Report written by Anwen Greenaway

ARK-T centre is a community-minded arts centre and the home of the Waste 2 Taste cafe. Along the side of the centre it has a playground space which is open for members of the public to use every day. Over the summer months the play space has been heavily used, and has also attracted some anti-social behaviour, so the space had to be closed for a couple of weeks to tidy-up. We've been called in by Ark-T a couple of times previously at this time of year to help get the play space ship-shape, so we're old hands at it now.

While 4 of us disappeared off to get extra tools and a wheelbarrow from the Waste2Taste garden all of the other GoodGymers got straight to work weeding, digging out mushrooms (best not to take risks on whether they're the poisonous kind or not!), clearing out the storage benches (SO much rotten wood and heaps of wellies inside), and pruning back the buddleia and willow which were eye-level hazards.

The litter picker team whizzed around the playground, along the lane and plogged the surrounding roads, striking gold early on with a bucket (repurposed for our garden waste) and an onion, as well as the usual cans and (literal) crap.

Back in the playground we rigged up our portable lights and deployed the head torches to keep going as the daylight faded. Leaves swept up, brown garden waste bin filled and several trugs of gardening detritus and plastic tubing were piled up ready for the skip which will be arriving soon.

I call that a highly effective hour's work - Great work dream team!

Welcome Bryony and Sarah - really good to meet you both!
Well done on your 10th Good Deed Vanessa.
Congratulation son completing Manchester Marathon Trev.

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Matt Burton completed a training run • Final half marathon training part 2
Sun 10 Oct
Matt Burton completed a training run • Lunch Run
Sun 10 Oct
Matt Burton completed a training run • Afternoon Run
Sat 9 Oct
Matt Burton went on a community mission
Community mission

Scrape, stretch, spruce & sweep

Sat 9 Oct
Report written by Bethan Greenaway

It is always a joy to go to the Children's Allotment and today was no different.

Alice and her team are busy putting the final plans in place for the grand opening at the end of October and needed a bit of Goodgym pixie dust sprinkled over a fee jobs.

Enjoying some surprisingly hot autumn sunshine we leveled off and membraned some area of the polytunnel in readiness for some new raised beds. The entrance to the site was also spruced up and tidied (all worms disturbed were given a new home in the compost area), kale was planted and compost ferried across the site.

We ended our task with some acrobatic apple-picking and were sent on our merry ways with apples for crumble/cake/juice etc.

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Matt Burton completed a training run • Evening Run
Wed 6 Oct
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