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Sat 22 Jan
Melanie Young went on a group run
Group run

Group Run - More January Challenging - 18 Jan

Tue 18 Jan

It's Tuesday so it's a group run, meeting in (and returning to) Queen Square and leaving there at 6.30 - It's dark so bring a head torch as well as your gloves!

We’re back for 2022 and spreading GoodGym loveliness somewhere!

Changing facilities, lockers and loos are available at Workout Harbourside - bring your own padlock or inventive personal prized possession to swap for one of theirs if you want to lock your, er, locker. Otherwise it’s just an er. Make sure you’re back out in Queen Square for 6.20!

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Melanie Young completed a walk • Hobble to jpr and back
Sun 16 Jan
Melanie Young went on a group run
Group run

St Agnes anew

Tue 11 Jan
Report written by Melanie Young

It was another delightfully dry January night that greeted 15 GoodGymmers who set off on time to St Agnes Park, next to our beloved St Paul's Adventure Playground - we cant help them at the moment as the have support from Community PayBack on Tuesdays during the day :-(

The park was pretty tidy but there was bindweed to pull out and the surrounding streets and hedges to litter pick with our fresh supply of Bristol Waste bags.

Having identified the lamppost Melanie may just have side-swiped in her truck in her early days with Bristol Parks, we spread out far and wide. Headtorches were bobbing all over the place!

We soon had things much more ship-shape (like the playground) and were able to tie off the bags for collection and run back in the same Richard sandwich as the run over - Richard B run leading and Richard G back-marking in expert style.

Stretching and chatting back at Queens Square and post-run drinks enjoyed at Workout for those not allergic to latex!

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Melanie Young signed up to a training session
Training session

Core Blimey it’s January 18th

Tue 18 Jan 17:45 pm
Queen Square, Bristol, BS1 4LH
A bit of core strength training, a lot of giggling

We’re back in Queens Square before the Group Run to challenge our cores and tick off some bingo challenges - see you there!

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Melanie Young completed a walk • Afternoon Walk
Sun 9 Jan
Sun 9 Jan
Sat 8 Jan
Melanie Young went on a group run
Group run

Operation St Jude’s

Tue 4 Jan
Report written by Melanie Young

21 GoodGymmers standing on a wall. Or bouncing on wobbleboards/trampolines/seesaws whilst out first excursion of 2022 took us to a new-for-GoodGym area of Bristol, St Jude's.

After much fitness bouncing/swinging/roundabouting, we managed some litterpicking through the trampolines, under some hedges, in some long grass and pulling out oodles of noodles of bindweed root and scraping moss.

A short run back to Queen Square followed for the amazing poem* to celebrate Richard's awesome 500 good deeds and Caroline defecting from Wandsworth to glorious Bristol. Or just moving house. Definitely one of the two.

  • Twas brillig, and Giddings the running tove, Did deed and gimber in Brizzle hove, 500 is friggly number now, Samploistics just shout out wow!

Hail Sir Giddings of GoodGym, p0p Knight of the litterpicker, Who halted the woppy jumblericker

Richy G sorted the tins, Filled up the bins, Made cardboard beds And shifted... the shifty things...

Hail Sir Giddings of GoodGym, Knight of the running art, Who made the roads look like, zagg-rart.

Mr G entertains us all, With run reports full of stories tall, Quirkiness to make us smile, A cracker costume or a blompydile

Hail Sir Giddings of GoodGym, Knight of the gromits run, Who made us pose like chuttermun

He avoided the dogs that guard the door, With teeth so veep you can't ignore, He dighted the worms so they didn't die, He chopped the weeds so they didn't thrive...

Hail Sir Giddings of GoodGym Champion of 500 good deeds

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Melanie Young completed a walk • Morning Walk
Mon 3 Jan
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