Wild Thing, You Make My Pond Stink

24 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Monday 12th February

Report written by Ed Woollard (He/Him)

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It was awards night at GG York this week as we celebrated 4 people hitting some pretty chunky milestones. So much so that there wasn't enough capes to go around. But don't worry, everyone had a chance to twirl in the appropriate Cape of Good Deeds at some point.

First up it was the turn of Nick and Nikki who both celebrated their 300th(!) good deeds this evening (or not too long ago, sorry!). Give them a big ol' cheer 👏

Next it was the turn of a very late Abigail who recently completed her 100th good deed. Send some cheers her way 🙌

And since it was the closest group run to valentines day, what better way to name and number off than by naming the thing we love most about GoodGym. Needless to say there were some sickly-sweet answers along with Ed forgetting his wife existed ❤️

Then on to the task sandwiched by the Co-Area Activators where we met by Richard and Martin, who got the biggest cheer of the night for celebrating his 50th good deed. Well done Martin 👏

As for the task itself, there was a very smelly pond, some very squelchy boggy bits, some rapid blackboard painting, some digging and some bark chip spreading. James and Neil spent far too long failing to get some loppers unstuck whilst everyone else got stuck in to the various tasks on offer. So much so that there task was completed with a bit of time to spare 💪

Then it was off to Scarcroft Green for a fitness session that first saw GGers struggle to organise themselves into groups of 4, before having to perform 4 sets of various exercises before a quick dash to drop off a cone (repeat x 4). 4 reps, 4 sets, 4 cones and teams of 4 on a night with 4 milestones celebrated. All that was left to do was head to the pub for a few beers (although I drew the line at 3, not 4. It was a school night after all)

Session Leader
Area activator
Run leader
This task supported
Millthorpe School
Secondary school

The area in the school is used by a number of groups - mainly children, young people and families. The area is a forest school where children play outdoors, learn how to use tools, have fires safely etc

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Radu Chirvasuta
Richard Grayling
Neil Bushell
Martin Calvert
James Sandie
David Barrett
Abigail Darton
Cara Organ
Laura Barrett
James Tilburn
Vicky Hearson
Debs Sharpe
Abi Perrin
Paul Kelly
Jenna Drury
Nicola Gover
Ed Woollard
Nick Griffin
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Setting up a Tiny Forest for York
🗓Sunday 28th April 12:00pm

Let's work together to launch a Tiny Forest in our area

Tristan FeatherbyRadu ChirvasutaMikki SwannSteve Rice
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