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25 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Monday 16th October 2023

Report written by Nicky Woodall (she/her)

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🥶 25 GoodGymmers gathered for this evening’s two-task group run, the first genuinely chilly one of the season.

👋 We were thrilled to welcome Megan for her first task with us, and to congratulate Carl for his 200th (slightly belatedly but he got to wear the cape at last!) 🦸‍♂️

💪 More congratulations were in order for everyone who ran the marathon and 10-mile races yesterday, including some who ran PBs and/or their furthest distance yet! Some even walk/ran/cycled tonight, so impressive!

🎨 We named, numbered and warmed up while discussing our favourite GoodGym tasks. Painting featured highly, along with various forms of (constructive?) destruction.

🍎 Ed led half the group to Greenfield’s Garden. Here’s what he had to say:

🗺️ After a bit of an extended run out to the task, thanks to Ed forgetting his way around York, we arrived at the task and split into two teams. Team A were armed with forks and loppers and got to work on shifting some piles of cuttings and cutting up some larger branches. Team B were armed with sickles, forks and spades and made light work turning over the compost bays and clearing the area of nettles and brambles.

🏠 Not before too long it was time for the fitness session, which featured Lyndsey showing everyone how she bungalows and then everyone else deciding how they bungalowed too.

🚚 The rest of us headed to West Bank Park where we were soil-shovelling with Kristina. We were greeted by a big skip and told that some people could get in it! We didn’t need telling twice and had some very willing volunteers hop straight in. The enthusiasm increased yet further when Abigail realised how warm the soil was!

🦺 There were also six wheelbarrows that were filled and taken (a fair distance) to the rose garden, for a big new flowerbed. This involved crossing a road so Kristina had brought hi-viz so we could do so safely.

🌹 We had a few people stay up at the flowerbed, some to rake the soil as it brought up, some to tamp down other areas up there. There was some discussion on how to maximise efficiency, both this evening and for future tasks, of which there will be a few given the amount of soil left and the prospect of another skip being ordered to fill a second new flowerbed. I think the answer was more wheelbarrows (always) and possibly a relay system!? Watch this space as I’m hoping Leanne’s elaborate plan will be complete for the next equivalent task!

🥳 After a quick cones of joy-based fitness session, it was time to head back to base, on foot or wheels then on to the pub for some and home to warm up for others.

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West Bank Park
Public park with play areas, woodland, wildflower meadow, pond, orchards and open green space

Provide the public with green open space and play facilities

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Rachel Letham
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Martin Calvert
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Joanna Delgado
David Barrett
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Cara Organ
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Charlotte Jones
Amy Woollard
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Nicky Woodall
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Carl Wain
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The wood will be used to complete a large interactive bug house for children to enjoy

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