Dancing, drinking, hot dogs and deck chairs - perfect recipe for a charity Ceilidh

18 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Friday 22nd September

Report written by Vicky

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Friday night saw our second charity ceilidh for Move Mates.

Lots of goodgymers pitched in to help including setting up, serving on the bar, and the fastest tidy up I've ever seen!

There was still times for lots of dancing and the band challenged us with lots of energetic numbers including the usual strip the willow, and finishing with Lady Godiva which involved piggy backing your partner down the line!

The very popular raffle saw Paul Kelly nab the top prize of a deck chair.

Thank you to Leanne for the photos- they really capture what a fun night it was!

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Penny Spikins
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Hayden Holmes
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Nick Griffin
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Tidying up hall after Planet Food cafe and food distribution
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Planet Food is a zero food waste community helping to break social isolation by bringing people together for food & drink..

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