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Lucy Hill
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Mon 15th Jul at 6:45pm

Water way to celebrate!

Richmond Report written by Liz (She/her)

GoodGym Richmond celebrated eight years of keeping fit while doing good this evening with an epically wet run to AFC Heatham House!

This great youth club welcomed us for a special task before our social, only heavy rain meant the planner task was impossible so it was all play and no task!

Brilliant host Danielle spoiled us with a pasta dish, fruit, brownies and dips in the games room - perfect for table football, table tennis and pool.

Before an equally soggy run back to the start point at Tap Tavern, Liz shared some smashing stats for GoodGym Richmond tasks (1154 in the last year 🥳), so much to celebrate!

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Tue 16th Jul at 12:49am

Nice ones of me looking shattered!!

Lucy Hill
Lucy Hill signed up to a group run.

Mon 15th Jul at 6:45pm

GoodGym Richmond Birthday x AFC Heatham Youth Centre

Helping maintain this fabulous facility for local children

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Lucy Hill
Lucy Hill signed up to a community mission.

Thu 11th Jul at 6:00pm

Lucy Hill
Lucy Hill went on a group run

Wed 10th Jul at 6:30pm

Fork goodness sake

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

There was only one person who was deserving of the Golden Boot (trainer) last night, and that was Alan, who has racked up a phenomenal 200 good deeds! Thankfully the whole of England was celebrating with him as they got through to the Euros final. Was Alan their lucky charm? I think after that many good deeds and kilometres covered, he had to be. Alan FTW!

We were back at the Chiswick allotments last night to support a new partnership between the local foodbank and the growers. The idea is that an overgrown patch of land is being cultivated ready to plant fruit and veg that will eventually be donated to the foodbank.

We're still at the digging and weeding stage of the process, so we all grabbed a fork, and got busy. We started by lining up in a row and working backwards, digging up weeds and turning over the soil. There were plenty of slabs to be lifted, roots to be dispatched and grass to be eliminated. After 45 minutes of hard work the area was looking much clearer - almost ready for planting!

We're back to the site next week to carry on with the project, which will ultimately provide local people with healthy, organic produce.

It's amazing what effect the prospect of a semi final England win will have. Powering back to base, we arrived just a few minutes later. There was just a quick stretch to be done before scooting over to the pub for the big game. Its always a great night to put on a red and white tshirt, but with all the celebrations to be had, yesterday was particularly special.

If you're looking for a fun mission this Saturday, ten why not sign up for this session helping to set up for an inclusive music event - and feel free to stick around for the entertainment!

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Lucy Hill
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Wed 10th Jul at 6:30pm