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A Clean Sweep.

Wednesday 1st November 2023

Written by Jen Stoneham

The threat of Storm Ciaran didn't dampen our spirits (or our bodies) this evening and we managed to get a lot of work done before dashing home to take to our beds.

Dr Jack met us to pass on Karen's plans for tidying the garden area, and bagged himself his first good deed in the process - head to his profile to give him a cheer!

We trimmed hedges, pulled up weeds and swept up leaves in the small fenced garden and the narrow beds in front of the surgery to make the area look neater and more welcoming for local residents and patients. One local resident spotted us from her window and popped over to have a chat, expressing an interest in helping with the garden upkeep, which was lovely.

Hopefully in the spring we'll be able to help with planting some new shrubs to really bring the outside of the surgery to life.

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Katie Carew-RobinsonJaneTracey DeanJo KitchingJo CookeTony Hewett

We soiled the beds 🙈

Saturday 17th June 2023

Written by Katie Carew-Robinson (she/her)

Sorry not sorry for the run report title 🤣

Today was the final round of the Eastney Health Centre triple challenge.

In the back garden: We transferred the top soil from the Hippo bags into the flower beds. There were wheelbarrows, shovels, trowels and crabbing buckets in use. After that it was watering, planting, re-watering and a touch of replanting (who put the lavender in the wrong place?!!).

In the front garden: Much fun involving building a decorating path with the excavated stones, more top soil, more watering, planting and watering.

We also had help from the YOU Trust, TMGP docs and patient participation group.

Big thanks to Dr Jo for the refreshments!

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It's a hard rock life for us

Saturday 10th June 2023

Written by Dave

Returning to Eastney Health Centre, 6 GG-ers got to work clearing more stones from the back garden borders, with the help of a new wheelbarrow with pumped up tyre! The gasmen had used their big toys to crunch the concrete out front and so Jen and a team set about bagging up the rubble ready for collection. Jen then got on the claw and turned the soil along a flowerbed ready for planting. The rest of the gang got their shovel and barrow on before sweeping up the last loose stones so that the new staff area is ready for it's top soil before the final GG visit next Saturday to plant. Big thanks to Jo and Jack for the refreshments, how did you know Twisters were my favourite? And a massive thank you to the gas people working out in the road. They are providing the top soil and taking away the paving slabs and rubble that we have lifted from the front

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Earning Ourselves Some Brownie Points!

Wednesday 7th June 2023

Written by Jen Stoneham

First of all, thank you to Dr Jo for providing delicious treats that also gave us a title for the Run Report!

We teamed up with some of the staff from Trafalgar Medical Group as well as some local counsellors for this Heavy Duty GoodGym Task. Tony and Dave got to work with a heavy duty hammer and crowbar to lever up the paving slabs at the front of the Health Centre, whilst the rest of us tested our biceps to the limits carrying the slabs round to the back garden.

Maura and Judy worked hard tidying the borders and outside of the Health Centre, removing plenty of litter and lots of twigs and leaves. The rest of the team spent their time shovelling stones in to a central pile, which we will transport round to the front during our follow up task on Saturday - sign up here if you'd like to help out!

The team from Trafalgar Medical Group were incredibly grateful for our help. Dr Jack has sent over the following message of thanks for us all. Well done everyone!

Thanks for all the help today, you were all brilliant. Got some good news. The workmen on the road outside have agreed to turn over the earth at the front and drop a load of top soil down for us tomorrow. Please feedback to your fellow GoodGymers - it's all coming together!

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