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Aoife went on a community mission

Sat 18th Mar at 11:00am

Mirror, Mirror on the floor, who's the goodest GoodGymer of them all?”

Portsmouth Report written by Ellie (She/her)

Five GoodGymers (and one Tess the dog) helped promote “Friends of Kingston Rec” to the local community. They did a really good clean up job too with some litter picking around the park, which involved collecting a lot of broken mirror pieces, 4 sacks of rubbish, and two bags of recycling. They were helped by some enthusiastic locals who managed to find the much coveted pair of pants! Is it even a litter pick if you don’t find an item of clothing?! Teamwork made the dream work getting the gazebo down in what must be a record breaking time! Then to make the most of the sunshine post mission, Jen & Ellie popped to the beach to finish off with a quick dip.

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Aoife went on a community mission

Sat 18th Mar at 10:00am

Swanning around with fun-guys!

Portsmouth Report written by Sinéad McCarthy

We quickly got to work picking up litter around the pond. It seemed fairly clean. Mostly cigarette butts, sweets wrappers, a sock and dog poo.

Lovely nature photographs taken during the task. Thanks to Lucy and Mel

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Aoife signed up to a community mission.

Sat 18th Mar at 10:00am

Aoife signed up to a community mission.

Sat 18th Mar at 11:00am

Help Launch Friends of Kingston Rec!

Encouraging the community to look after their open spaces.

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Aoife went on a community mission

Sat 11th Mar at 9:13am

Token pusher

Portsmouth Report written by Aoife

Another Saturday morning spent on the great salterns, cheering on all those that made it out for a morning run! This week I was on tokens which isn’t so bad when there’s only 62 participants however I still had to do a few little runs of my own, chasing people down to take a token and not mess it up for the run director! Gets my steps in..

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Aoife went on a group run

Wed 8th Mar at 6:00pm

Raining Champions

Portsmouth Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson

Massive well done to everyone who came out tonight, there should be a double cheer button just for you, along with some kind of kudos for freezing your buns on an outdoor task!

The weather was not our friend, freezing rain and bitter wind but planters were moved, pumpkin patches were dug, leaves and soil were raked, graffiti was given another scrub.

We went as fast as we could so we were able to run/cycle/walk home and get dry and warm as soon as possible. Unfortunately it did mean we only had a very short time to give Katie L her 200 good deeds t-shirt.

The squirrel garden is looking good and the area for the tomahawk set up is ready. Great work!

So you can go and cheer everyone to celebrate their dedication for coming along here's the full list of folk who gave up their time tonight: Ellie, Katie C-R, Tony, Jo, Jen, Lynn, Aoife, Dave, Ola, Katie L

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Thu 9th Mar at 10:38am

You guys are EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a little crazy 🤣

Aoife went on a community mission

Sun 5th Mar at 3:00pm

Digging it

Portsmouth Report written by Katie London

6 Goodgymers helped dig over new flower beds and plan the layout of the new squirrel garden. It was Ola's first session and he got stuck in in his Goodgym t-shirt showing himself to be one of us already!

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Aoife signed up to a group run.

Wed 22nd Mar at 6:00pm