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Burn baby burn

Tuesday 7th February

Written by Vicky

We burnt stuff see photos!

Welcome to Matt who came to his first task. Hope to see you again soon.

there is talk of a return visit to take down a big old shed..... watch this space

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🥣 Goldilocks and the tree-carers 🐻

Monday 6th February

Written by Nicky Woodall

🥶 20 wonderful GoodGymmers braved a chilly full-moon night for our group run this evening 🌝

🦸‍♀️ We celebrated three heroic good deed milestones, with Claire doing her 50th good deeds recently, Jenna her 200th and Laura her 300th! Jenna and Laura had to share the cloak and hopefully everyone appreciated the extra warmth ❄️

🏆 We also celebrated our past month’s work on the January Challenge, which was absolutely brilliant, thank you very much everyone 😁

🍳We named and numbered off by discussing our favourite breakfast foods, in honour of “Oatmeal Monday” (apparently a traditional Scottish festival). Nettle porridge was probably the most unusual whilst other people chose some classics, including Coco Pops and even “boring cereal” for Barbara, whatever that is 🥣

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Ed led our running group to Millennium Fields where we were meeting Jonathan from St Nick’s for various tasks there this evening. The speedier crew bagsied the woodchip-spreading task, shovelling the woodchip into bags to be transported to and distributed along the woodland paths. Paul Kelly was apparently quite the Goldilocks about it, with fairly specific requirements about the bag-filling! They quickly did the main path then continued on smaller offshoot paths until all the bark was distributed. Good work everyone 🐻

🌺 Meanwhile, the rest of the group were in the allotment area. We had a crew lopping back brambles and removing top soil to plant wildflower seeds (which were then patted down by Barbara and Carl’s GoodGym shuffle!) Dom found some impressively large worms, much to Barbara’s displeasure 🪱

🥕 The final group were working on the YUMI allotment, which is set to be transformed. Getting there required walking down a slightly creepy dark path, to the backdrop of cats/werewolves fighting with the full moon ahead. This team were pulling up the plastic sheeting and removing the woodchip and soil on top of it. There was much hard graft, and Claire seemed to develop a good technique involving rolling the liner 👍

📸 It was soon time to gather for a group photo around our cloaked heroes and head over the bridge for a relay-based fitness session. Everyone had a go at skipping, speed-walking and sprinting a good distance, very impressively and hopefully with lots of fun too 🙌

🍰 Then it was time to head back to base for various cake to celebrate this week’s heroes and also everyone who was involved in the January Challenge. And then it was onto the pub 🍻

🗓️ We’ve got a few things coming up this week, including a task and bonfire social tomorrow (Tuesday) night, morning and afternoon tasks at the Planet Food cafe and an extra book-sorting session at Tang Hall Library on Thursday evening. Don’t forget that there’s a social pub walk planned for Sunday 👌

👏 Thanks everyone, see you again soon 👋

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Cod Beck Canter fell race

Sunday 5th February

Written by Michal Czekajlo

It was a race to remember.

Brand new 10 miles route included steep climbs, narrow heather paths, Cleveland Way paving slabs and steps, quick descents, mature woodland and open moorland.

What else could one ask for to be happy?

Our Team ensured runners were on route and properly applauded, timekeepers made stopwatches stop, results writers wrote results, clipboard holders used binoculars and the back marker learnt about Italian coffee.

After official prize giving to the speedy ones and once the last runner crossed the finish line we were thanked by Dave the Race Organiser. He rewarded us with gluten containing refreshments and/or chocolates.

Did I mention very tasty brownies made by Barbara? So Barbara made sure we all had energy for the day by feeding us with her amazing brownies. We eat some before the race and some were available for consumption before our after race walk. In the end Barbara was taking an empty cake box home with not even a tiny brownie crumb remaining. Have I starter writing an essay about brownies? Perhaps yes... Sorry to digress, but those brownies were a very important part of the day.

Coming back to the main topic, after the race finish part of our Team had to go home with the other half being fresh air hungry and going for a walk featuring forthcoming running events and log burner conversations. Our walk was just over 7km long and we didn’t get lost which is a bonus.

Our now expert marshalling skills will be used again.

See you at the next race.

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Social visit to Mrs E

Saturday 4th February

Written by John Bourton

We had a lovely chat for 80 minutes-time flew by! She loves to talk and has many interesting tales to tell. We both want to repeat this. I went to York Ice Trail on the way there so that’s why the photo which I also shared with Mrs E.

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Dewey Good, Get Fit

Thursday 2nd February

Written by Dom Tooze (he/him)

Last night, a crack team of 5 GoodGymmers headed to Tang Hall Explore Library to help them prepare the tables for their regular book sale.

This book sale is a way of moving on old stock and generating some revenue, and help was needed bringing the books through and organising them based on whether they were childrens or adults books, and fiction or non fiction.

Before long we were done, with the books in appropriate boxes and the boxes in an appropriate order (special shout out to Sherilyn whose box was also organised by size of book). Our work done, we took some time for a snap and headed off.

Mission accomplished!

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There’s no such thing as a free lunch

Thursday 2nd February

Written by Barbara Griffin

Myself and Claire met at the task early this afternoon to have lunch so that we could sample some of the food on offer at the Planet Food Café. Thai pork curry and rice was Claire's choice and I had carrot and orange soup - both delicious and washed down with tea and coffee.

After being waited on and having finished our food, we felt it was time to do our job and help get the tables and chairs tidied away. After about 40 minutes all was tidy with everything put away and the floor swept. I took some of the leftover bananas and then our last job was to put the box of leftover bread and bread rolls outside on the street for people to help themselves.

We took a quick selfie at the front of the church (after admiring GG York's previous work on the grounds outside) and departed, me cycling and Claire walking home.

Next week the Planet Food Café are looking for help setting up the tables and chairs as well in the morning (as their regular volunteer isn't available) so this will be listed as a separate task to this regular Thursday afternoon one.

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