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GoodGym Wandsworth

You gotta roll with it

Monday 30th January

Written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

Today officially marks the end of the January challenge, but there is still one more day to get those good deeds in! GoodGym Wandsworth has done an amazing job - we've smashed our target of 1200 kms. We're just 12 good deeds short of our target of our 100. Why not have a look if there is something going on that you can get to today and just maybe we can make that happen!

Great to see you all in slightly warmer conditions last night. Our initial plan was to clear the garden at the brilliant Waste Not Want Not charity - an organisation which stops perfectly good food being thrown away and instead uses it to feed the local community - but Hadas had other ideas for us.

The charity has been working on a new dining area which needed to be painted. That's where we came in! Grabbing all the rollers and any tool we could lay our hands on we got cracking. Calum and Jamal took on the room next to the kitchen, Sophie, Jordan and Catherine were in the lobby, while everybody else squeezed into the kitchen area. Meanwhile Steph heroically tackled a monster pile of washing up in the kitchen.

It was another GG transformation, as within 45 minutes the place was freshly painted, looking brighter and more welcoming for local people. Way to go team.

There was just time to squeeze in some very tough but very effective tabata in the park before taking on that hill on our way back for stretches.

There's lots of fun social stuff coming up, as well as plenty of sessions to get involved in. Next week we're planning on entering (winning) a local pub quiz after our group run, all the details are here.

Have a great week GoodGym - and don't forget, one more day to reach our 100 good deed target!

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Leaving no leaves unturned

Saturday 28th January

Written by Charlotte Emms

Ms J wanted the leaves clearing from near her doorway, so Sarah and I popped over on a Saturday afternoon to do this for her. A nice easy job as we were finished within ten or fifteen minutes and were rewarded with a choccy from Ms J, which was very kind of her!

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Chairing the load

Monday 23rd January

Written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

It's almost the end of January and (hopefully) Spring is just around the corner, so it was definitely time for us to do one massive spring clean!

First we met at the BAC to do a warm up, and we also welcomed Eva to the group for her first run - give her a massive cheer!

Our task for the evening was at Battersea Scouts Centre, so before setting off we also did a quick poll to see who had been a scout, brownie, beaver or other. It seemed like most of us had dib dib dibbed at some point, and we discovered that we even had a Sea Cadet among us - we will definitely be calling on those skills when we need some knots to be tied!

It was a short run down to the centre and, given the freezing temperatures, we all piled gratefully into the warm to listen to Scoutmaster Peter's instructions. Quickly dispersing into various rooms we got started getting the place sparkling.

The kitchen crew of Steph, Joanna and Annabel began shining surfaces and polishing PVC, while Tim and Becky used some serious elbow grease in the lobby to make those walls and skirting boards pristine. Alice, Eva and Joao did a bang up job in the loos and changing rooms making sure everything was spotless, while upstairs the upper hall group were seriously busy. Sophie, Jordan and Lorna had the massive job of cleaning all the chairs - the only stumbling block was first figuring out how to get the much-discussed strap off. Meanwhile Jamal and Calum had the tricky task of rehanging all the curtains, using both height and muscle power to get them attached to all the many, many hooks.

Before long the place was immaculate from top to bottom, so well done everybody on a brilliant job. As Peter said, it would have taken the volunteers there ages to do what you all achieved in a short amount of time.

It's not often we get the chance to do our fitness session in the toasty warm, so we took advantage of the newly cleaned hall to do a body strength and conditioning session. It seemed like a great idea. Until we realised that the floor wasn't exactly pristine as the carpet was yet to be laid. Apologies for the dusty bums everybody! Still, we persevered, knocking out planks, press ups, crunches and more.

While we worked we discussed future socials and hatched a plan to create the greatest pub quiz team there ever was. We decided on date, with more to come, of Monday 6th February after the group run. I will put together a sign up page soon, so watch this space.

Great work everybody - next week we're helping out at Waste Not Want Not, and you can sign up for it right here. Have a great week all!

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They call me the Stairmaster

Monday 10th May 2021

Written by Dave M

When I read that this shopping mission would involve an 8 storey stair climb I thought it was no big deal. 4 storeys up I was questioning my will to live. Thankfully I persevered as I was greeted by the little guy in the picture. Turns out Miss K and I have crossed paths while walking our dogs, so nice to see a familiar face. Hopefully the building fixes their elevator soon so I can run into Miss K out in the open!

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Slide and seek

Monday 16th January

Written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

The temperature was dropping last night but excitement levels were on the rise as we headed back to St Mary's School and its epic slide!

We kicked off the night with a much needed warm up and welcomed Patsie to her very first session. As it was Blue Monday - supposedly the gloomiest day of the year although there were no signs of it in Wandsworth - we all named something that brought us joy. Food was very popular, especially, cheese, chocolate and lasagna, as was running, football, dogs and being outside.

It was about 2kms down to the school and we made it there in no time. Jared, the school's brilliant head, was waiting for us with plenty of sacks, and we soon got stuck in. The job was to empty the raised beds on the upper terrace so that the school could create a climate change garden. The area will be filled with plants for the children to help identify, sow and care for, particularly ones that don't need as much rain and so will be sustainable through climate change.

It was chilly work but we soon warmed up with some labour intensive activity. While the upstairs team shoveled, filled, then posted bags through the entrance to the slide, Jordan and Dave were waiting at the bottom to catch them. They were then transported through the building to the courtyard by Jamal, Jared and Catherine in a very efficient human chain! Great work everybody.

Next week we've got an inside task at a local scout hall, which we'll be giving a big spring clean. See you there to banish those January blues!

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Friday 13th January

Written by Diane

There were triple the number of volunteers at the Ace of Clubs today so we split into a kitchen team, dining hall team and gardening team. The gardeners raked up all the fallen leaves, bagging them up and making space for the spring bulbs to come through the beds. The inside crews were just as busy!

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