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Tim Lund completed a walk • 5k chemo trail ✈✈✈
Thu 14 Oct
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Nice sense of humus

Fri 27 Aug
Report written by Tim Lund

A nice task clearing up a small back garden, where the brambles hid lots of pots, garden decorations and some tools which might have been useful as well ... once. Mrs L was lovely, with a teasing sense of humour, watching over us as her garden reappeared. We put the plant remains in a corner, to turn into humus, repotted a couple of massive yuccas, and left it with Mrs L to make some decisions about what to keep or throw away

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Tim Lund went on a mission

Opening the magic tool shed

Thu 26 Aug
Report written by Tim Lund

A nice garden tidying task, with lots of ivy to clear. I guess I left the garden looking more untidy, but Mrs R and her daughter were happy all the same, because I left them with:

A huge pile of ivy and some leylandii in the middle - and a suggestion to get her son to move it under some trees for composting, rather than bother get it all bagged up as garden waste

A small pond which I'm glad I hadn't stepped into before I'd removed the ivy which completely covered it

A tool shed packed with stuff, much quite useful, but which you couldn't really get into with all the ivy, completely emptied

Its contents sorted and set out over some paving, ready for some to be junked, some put back, some given away perhaps.

It really was progress, and it was nice to see Mrs R smiling at the end

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Tim Lund signed up to a mission • Gardening for Miss L
Fri 27 Aug
Thu 26 Aug
Tim Lund signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Litterpicking around Anerley Town Hall

Tue 31 Aug 18:30 pm
Anerley Town Hall, Anerley Road, London, SE20 8BD
Improve the space for locals and workers

Anerley Town Hall is looked after by the Crystal Palace Community and Development Trust who do great work with local kids and older people. They've asked us if we can do a litterpick around the perimeter to give it a sprucing up.

We'll arrive at 6:30pm, grab the equipment and should easily be done in an hour.

It might be worth bringing gardening gloves and a mask in case we need to go outside but otherwise all equipment will be provided.

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Sun 15 Aug
Tim Lund completed a training run • Crystal Palace Parkrun redux
Sat 14 Aug
Tim Lund completed a training run • Off to scare the dinosaurs
Fri 13 Aug
Sun 8 Aug
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