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Ian Moore has run a race with GoodGym for the first time. Sat 25 Jun 2022

Ian has done their first race with GoodGym. Performing on the day is a lot of pressure; Ian's dealt with the nerves and turned up on the day to make it happen.

Ian Moore went on a race

Parkrun On Tour: Crystal Palace

Sat 25 Jun
Report written by Sam Lefevre

Our "Parkrun on Tour" is halfway through 2022! Eight GoodGymers came out for our sixth edition and this time, we were in Crystal Palace! Yet, since Wireless Festival is being setup, the course was changed from a 2 lapper to a 2.25 lapper. We had to do the initial steep(ish) hill three times.

Now, that's six out of six for sunny weather with these "Parkruns on Tour". With optimal conditions, 7 GoodGymers from GG Bromley, Ealing, Hounslow and Southwark were ready to take the course! Tim Lund opted to volunteer as a Tail Walker as they were in desperate need of volunteers.

We all lined up for the start and then off we went! Setting our own pace, here were the results:

  1. Sam - 23rd (21:57)
  2. Matt - 71st (24:13)
  3. Liv - 114th (26:46)
  4. Carina - 119th (27:12) - Personal Best
  5. Laura - 176th (29:36)
  6. Ian - 197th (30:19)
  7. Dave - 261st (36:46)
  8. Tim - 299th (1:02:04) - Tail Walker

After the parkrun and a group photo, we made our way to Black & Green Cafe for a deserved coffee/tea!

Well done everyone and looking forward to seeing you on another "Parkrun on Tour". The next one we'll be heading to Peckham Rye on Saturday 30th of July. I won't be there myself, but there will be a few from GG Southwark. Check the details and sign up here!

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Ian Moore went on a mission

To me, to you!

Fri 24 Jun
Report written by Bromley runner
he, him

Ian and I took on a nice Friday afternoon, very local task in Bromley Shortlands to move some furniture around for Ms J, including taking parts of a bed upstairs now that she's more mobile.

We met at the task and, like a modern day Chuckle Brothers, set about analysing the rooms and working out what twists would be involved. In no time at all we'd got the bed bits up the staircase and the living room rearranged, so that Ms J and her partner could happily and more safely enjoy their space again.

Task complete, we stepped out onto the local green for a snap and headed home.

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Fri 24 Jun
Ian Moore signed up to a race

Parkrun On Tour (South London Edition): Crystal Palace

Sat 25 Jun 08:45 am
Crystal Palace Park, Thicket Road, London, SE20 8DS
A 5k run & to experience a different Parkrun each month with other GoodGymers

Every last Saturday of the month, let's meet-up/takeover a different parkrun in South London, this is the schedule I propose throughout the year:

  • January 29th - Burgess Park
  • February 26th – Brockwell
  • March 26th – Southwark
  • April 30th - Hilly Fields
  • May 28th – Tooting
  • June 25th - Crystal Palace
  • July 30th - Peckham Rye
  • August 27th – Beckenham
  • September 24th – Dulwich
  • October 29th – Clapham
  • November 26th – Catford
  • December 17th - Bushy

Meet at the start line 10-15 minutes before, run the Parkrun at your own pace and those who finish first can cheer on the rest! After everyone has completed their 5k run and we get that all important group photo, for those who want to stay on, we'll get a hot beverage (whatever is your poison).

What are parkruns?

Parkruns are free, weekly, community events all around the world. Saturday morning events are 5k and take place in parks and open spaces. You can run, walk or volunteer at parkruns. You can even take your dog (if you have one) along! If you have never run a parkrun before, they are a great way to get into running in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Remember, it's FREE, but you can register here to keep a profile (number of parkruns you do, times, etc.).

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Ian Moore signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Helping out at Living Well Foodbank

Sat 9 Jul 13:00 pm
Living Well, Holy Trinity Church, 66 Lennard Road, London, SE20 7LX
Clearing out the cupboards and reorganising the shelves

The amazing Living Well Foodbank have asked GoodGym for a hand clearing out their containers and reorganising the boxes.

It's always fun helping out at the food bank and it's good to be able to support such an important community lifeline.

We'll meet at 1pm and the job shouldn't take more than an hour.

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Ian Moore went on a mission

Sunny side up

Wed 15 Jun
Report written by Ian Moore

No eggs today, but Mr S's shopping needed doing anyway - time to get the panniers out again and go for a pleasant ride in the sun.

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Ian Moore went on a group run
Group run

Bucket and chuck it

Tue 14 Jun
Report written by Mark Gilyead

Summer's comin'!

Today was the warmest group run of the year so far by far! We were blessed with wall to wall blue sky and a lovely golden hour task in Cator Park. We met at The Bridge House, discussed our favourite warm-weather beverages (all alcoholic options... 🙄🍸🍹🍺) and then hit the road for our run mostly down the hill to the park.

When we arrived, we met Lou who was filling up buckets from the stream for us to water some of the saplings we've previously looked after. Stephen and Maxim continued watering trees and some of the flower beds, whilst Ian, Clare and Cat went to meet Debs to do some weeding of the rose beds.

The ground was pretty dry and there were lots of weeds and brambles to wrestle out the ground. But these guys did not give up until an area of the rose bed was totally weed free!

We made a big pile of the weeds for the council to collect and then made our way back to base.

4km and a good deed in the bag.

Weed did good. 🌱😜

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Ian Moore signed up to a mission • URGENT! FOOD SHOPPING FOR MR S
Wed 15 Jun
Ian Moore signed up to a group run
Group run

Group Run // Gardening jobs at Cator Park

Tue 14 Jun 19:00 pm
Bridge House, 2 High St, London, SE20 8RZ
Making the park a nice space for locals to enjoy

We've done looooads of different jobs at Cator Park from planting bulbs and trees to edging the paths and this week we're heading back to support the Friends of Alex and Cator parks who maintain the parks with their team of volunteers 💪

Check back for exact tasks but hopefully it'll be a delightful summer evening to get green fingered in the park!

It's a 2km run each way and we'll have some fitness exercises thrown in. 💪

Please bring gardening gloves if you have them (I have a few spare pairs).

Hope you can make it!

Running with GoodGym Bromley

🏃‍♂️ Whether you're new to running or a seasoned pro, you are welcome at GG Bromley! We jog to a local non-profit organisation and support them with a physical task.

📍 Every Tuesday we meet at the Bridge House pub in Penge. There's a space to leave coats and bags.

🕖 We run at 7pm but turn up any time from 6:45 for a pre-run chat. After doing our good deed we run back to base for 8:30. Sometimes we stick around for a drink!

🧤 Gardening gloves can be useful for outdoor tasks.

Any questions? Drop Mark an email.

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