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Rosalind Reason has done a 12 month mission streak. Sun 22 May 2022

Wow, Rosalind has completed a 12 month mission streak. That means they've cleared gardens, moved furniture and changed light bulbs in spring, summer, autumn and even winter. Show your support and give them a massive cheer!

Rosalind Reason went on a community mission
Community mission

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

Sun 22 May
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

Worthing weather did not disappoint today !

On a beautifully crystal clear blue sky day, volunteers from a variety of community groups gathered at their allocated seafront flower beds for the annual planting event.

This year we were allocated bed number 5 which was not far from the rowing club and more importantly, near a tap for watering purposes !

Mr and Mrs R ( aka Belinda and John ) together with Paul and Ros very kindly joined me for planting duties.

With my deliveries of compost and red bedding plants together combined with the coastal office allocation of 3 sea breeze themed plants and a generous sprinkling of extra bedding plants too ( petunias, dahlias and white labilia ) the bed soon filled perfectly ( under Paul's careful and consideted directive skills )

All planted for another year !

We just need to keep it watered now and enjoy watching it bloom !

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Rosalind Reason signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Planting out our seafront flowerbed

Sun 22 May 11:00 am
Splashpoint prom ( Opposite the rowing club), Marine Parade, Worthing, BN11 3PN
Giving a helping hand with this community project to bring colour to our seafront

Meet at Flowerbed 5 near the rowing club.

Just bring gloves . I will bring small tools, compost and plants. This years theme is pure and simple red!

We should be all done and dusted by 11:45

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Rosalind Reason went on a group run
Group run

Life's a beach when you get to 100

Tue 3 May
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

100 tasks young

On a very special evening in Worthing a small but mighty group of us met at one of our favourite tasks at Kamelia Kids. Andy, the caretaker had asked us for some help in advance of an open day for the centre this Saturday to have a spruce up of

Tonight was special as we celebrated Anne100th good deed with us and what better way then to pick up a paint brush to put your mark on this milestone task!

Lucy, Anne and I huddled under, over and surrounding the covered seat sharing a paint pot in an attempt to bring the white back to best. Andy will follow up our work with going over the blue in advance of Saturdays big event.

Ros touched up the underside of the powerboat whilst John and Sue broke up and sorted debris in the garden

Duncan was definitely the most active shifting endless wheelbarrow loads full of shingle from the compound around the corner to the beach garden so that it provided a new top layer to smarten the whole look up. Nice work!

After we finished and with a promise to return in June we headed off to the Egremont pub to raise a glass to Anne where we were also joined by Ricky and Gill.

John had very kindly made Anne one of his stunning GG signature, needlefelt avitar/ personification figures. Many thanks John - always very much appreciated ( I probably will get into trouble for calling your work of art the wrong name!! )

With some red roses and a glass in hand this was a lovely way for Anne to be appreciated for the wonderful person that she is :)

Before signing off I just wanted to congratulate Lucy on her 3 Forts marathon success last weekend. The Ultra training is definitely on schedule plus... are you ahead of Duncan in the marathon stakes ?!!

See you all next week and apologies for the delay in getting this report out.


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Group run

Kamelia Kids and Anne's 100th

Tue 3 May 18:00 pm
Kamelia Kids , Wellesley Ave,, Worthing, BN12 4PN
Helping this children's centre with general outdoor maintenance

Meet Kamelia Kids at 6:00pm

Walk/ run option too

As we will be outside please dress according to the weather!

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Rosalind Reason went on a group run
Group run

Mix and Mulch

Mon 25 Apr
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

A bakers dozen

What a fabulous turn out it was this evening with 13, yes 13 turning out on a beautiful Spring evening at one of our favourite tasks at St Botolphs Church garden. Combine our hosts Rik and Val together with our 2 friends from Heene Cemetery, Sue and Peter and we were quite a force to be reckoned with!

Special mention to Sarah who is a regular GoodGymer since January 2018 and moved to Worthing last year from London. This is Sarah's 3rd task in Worthing but her first with me so really good to have a brief chat and run with her.

Our tasks tonight were

  • ' Leave my tree a lone ' ( as per Paul's instructions as he couldn't make tonight! )
  • Sort out and re order the compost heap in preparation of making a wattle fence.
  • Weed , fertilise and plant out the wild flower seedlings around the font rock garden area.

Lucy, Duncan, Sue, Barbara , Belinda and Ricky worked on the weeding of the font rockery area. Take a look at Belinda before and after photos - they illustrate the story perfectly! Shout out to Rosalind who worked on shuttle runs with the amazing 100% organic fertiliser that has been cultivated over several years!

Meanwhile, John, Gill, Sarah, Ros and Anne worked out separating the tree branches together with Val.

Peter and Rik were doing a great job with weeding and sweeping around the edge of the church and I enjoyed a great chat with them before snapping them in action.

It was tools down for 8 of us after we were joined by Tamsin and headed off for a 2.5k stunning run down to the sea and along the prom.

When we got back, it was tools down for everyone until we return on 16th May to continue with work on the new composting area and wattle fence.

Don't forget Duncan's city nature community mission and Gills regular Wednesday evening task at Worthing Leisure Centre

Next week we will at Kamelia Kids on Tuesday 3rd May ( just a one off change of day) to give them a hand before their open day on 7th May.

See you all soon and enjoy your bank holiday weekend :)

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Group run

St Botolphs Church Garden

Mon 25 Apr 18:00 pm
St Botolphs Church , Lansdowne Road , Worthing, BN1 14LY
Our first visit back to this favourite task

Meet at St Botolphs at 6pm

Anyone that wants to walk/run , I will take you all. If you prefer just to do the task this will give you flexibility to do so

If you have gardening gloves please bring them with you.

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Rosalind Reason went on a community mission
Community mission

Having a ball at Worthing Run Fest

Sun 24 Apr
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

The Best of Both

What better way to celebrate Worthing Run Fest than to volunteer to give medals out to members of our GG Team who were running in the 10k and half marathon.

Massive thank you to my volunteer team Barbara, Belinda, Ros, Steve , on medal duty and Daisy, Duncan and Lucy on shoe chip duty.

Many congratulations to all the runners ..... John, Ricky , Sue , Natacha, Jay, Paul, and Anne. Hopefully there were some PB times there somewhere !

What an absolute pleasure of a morning .

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Rosalind Reason went on a group run
Group run

Shrub a dub dub

Mon 11 Apr
Report written by JULIA GLEESON

No slacking , more puffing (Jemmie's motivational quote for the evening)

On a beautiful warm March evening we walked/ ran over to one of our favourite tasks at Bugcycle Garden in Beach House Gardens. This community project is run by Creative Waves, aka Nadia and Nessie.

It was so great to have a lovely light, still evening to work with after all the dark winter evenings.

Roll of honour tonight was as follows John,Ricky, Paul, Anne ,Belinda,Gillybean,DuncanRosalind, Paula and last but not least Tamsin with special mini GoodGymer Jemmie !

We had a variety of tasks including Paul's planting a large palm like shrub ( see the before and after photos) . Nadia also asked us to clear the 'lounge ' area where there were piles of bricks and wood and rubbish that needed moving.

There was also a lot of weeding and watering done together with a wheelbarrow run to the green bin!

Lapping it up

Jemmie was keen to get the group doing some fitness so together with Anne, Ros and Mum, Tamsin she led the group on a lap of the park. Whilst the 3 of them continued on another lap, Jemmie and I plotted a fitness game to keep the group busy on their return. This comprised of a variety of functional body weight exercises including step ups, lunges, jumping jacks, shuttle runs and jump squats.

*Need to run home for a leek (Paul's quote of the evening) *

Before we knew it the evening was over and we managed to get a great group photo. Nadia invited us to help ourselves to the leeks that we had dug up to take home and cook.

Next week we will take a break for the bank holiday but Gill we be working her magic at Worthing leisure Centre this Wednesday.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and bank holiday weekend.

Julia x

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Group run

Bugcycle Garden

Mon 11 Apr 18:00 pm
Splashpoint Leisure Centre, 60 Brighton Rd,, Worthing,, BN11 2EN
Helping a community project

Meet at Splashpoint LC at 6pm.

Walk/ run to the task ( BugCycle in Beach House Garden ) where we will be at 6:20pm until 7pm

7 until 7:30 run/ walk/ fitness option

Please feel free to join us at any time

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