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25Good deeds



Harry Hender has completed 25 good deeds with GoodGym. Wed 29 Jun 2022

Harry has already done 25 good deeds with GoodGym. Instead of doing anything else, they've used their run to go and help people that need their help; digging, lifting, scraping, clearing, planting and weeding. Stuff that makes this a better place to be.

Harry Hender went on a group run
Group run

We're shear making a difference here.

Wed 29 Jun
Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson

Tonight was our first (but definitely not last) visit to Shearwater to lend a hand in the garden. Shout out to Wilson for setting this one up and also bringing her mum along to help too.

The main task was wrestling with the bindweed. Angela, Jo and Harry managed to uncover a laurel hedge underneath all the bindweed as well as a bit of air conditioning pipe and some tissues. No pants though!

Bleachy won thr prize for most weeds ripped out in the least time.

Aoife, Jen and I concentrated on the flowerbeds which included the discovery of many stinging nettles as well as the bindweed. The activities coordinator was really pleased with what we did, I think it was only the ants, spiders and earwigs who weren't as happy!

20 bags filled by the end, refreshments drunk and a few fairy cakes eaten and then it was time to head for the hills.

We'll be back again the first Wednesday in August.

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Group run

Gardening at Shearwater

Wed 29 Jun 18:00 pm
Miltoncross Academy, Milton Road, Portsmouth, PO3 6RB
Spruce up the garden for the residents

Shearwater is a care home for people with dementia.

Their garden area is a bit overgrown and needs a bit of care and attention. They are also hoping to get a few of the residents out to have a chat with us.

Meet outside Miltoncross school to walk around to Moorings Way - about a 10 minute walk.

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Harry Hender went on a community mission
Community mission

A chaz-tastic afternoon

Sat 30 Apr
Report written by Wilson

A pukka afternoon sorting donations at NH Charity (Chazza 😉) Shop.

Harry started on baby clothes whilst Sinead sorted some odd bags and then assisted Harry. Oh the fun of hanging baby clothes... one bag of baby clothes is a mission in itself! They did an awesome job.

Poor Sweep has been unloved in the back room for months, he was made up when Harry adopted him 😊

Sinead found the most boring fancy dress costume ever.... so dull I can't even remember what it was supposed to be....

Wilson sorted donations that kept coming in during the afternoon (Thankyou Jen and Rachel 😊)

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Harry Hender signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Sorting donations at Naomi House Charity Shop

Sat 30 Apr 14:00 pm
Naomi House Jack's Place, 75 London Road, Portsmouth, PO2 0LN
Help raise money for the children's hospice

Come and spend an afternoon at Naomi House sorting through donations.

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GG Portsmouth 4th Birthday Celebration

Sun 8 May 12:00 pm
Beddow library, Milton Road, Portsmouth, PO4 8PR
Celebrate all the milestones since our last get together

*Time and location now confirmed *

We will meet in the small hall in Milton Village Hall (next to the library)

We have lots to celebrate. Not only are we turning 4 there have also been weddings, births and big birthdays that we haven't managed to celebrate in the last 2 years. So this get together is long overdue!

There will be some kind of good deed, some kind of exercise and plenty of food - bring and share, as with all good GG Portsmouth get togethers!

We'll aim to eat at 1230 then do a good deed then a short fitness session followed by a wrap up and clear up!

Hopefully we can be outside enjoying a bit of sunshine too.

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Harry Hender went on a group run
Group run

Peel Magnolia

Wed 2 Mar
Report written by Katie Carew-Robinson

Tonight's task was to give room 6 a new coat of paint.

We were left a selection of brushes, rollers and a very large tub of magnolia paint. With some creative thinking and a few sets of the stairs, we managed to get to work and give the walls a new coat of the same colour paint.

It's always tricky when painting the same colour as you can't always tell where you've been. But we think we got it all! We definitely covered up some cracks, scrapes and peeled off the peely bits!

We were lacking in tall people tonight but Katie London did sterling work up the ladder with Jen doing the final top bits.

A great team effort to clean up then it was back into the cold to run/walk home.

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Harry Hender went on a group run
Group run

Cheeky GoodGym and Tonic!

Wed 23 Feb
Report written by Jen Stoneham

This evening we joined Steph at Tonic to help freshen up and organise their new venue before their opening weekend next week.

We split in to two teams - the brave and hardy outdoor team tackled the garden whilst the more delicate among us helped out indoors.

The outdoor crew were planning to sweep and weed the whole car park but stayed at the top end. They filled 10 bags with leaves and garden waste and half a bag of rubbish which included a baby's rattle.

The indoor team split up to transfer box after box of vinyl from storage to display and to hoover the deceptively large square footage of the building. They did find time to check out some props and pose with some interesting record choices.

We'll be back at Tonic to help with some gardening next Friday - see the link here: https://www.goodgym.org/happenings/a-spot-of-gardening-just-the-tonic

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Group run

Paint job!

Wed 2 Mar 18:00 pm
Fratton Community Centre, Trafalgar Placel, Off Clive Rd, , Portsmouth , PO1 5JJ
Give Fratton Community Centre a spruce up

We've been asked to help paint one of the rooms at the community centre.

Painting equipment will be provided but make sure you don't wear your best clothes!

Fitness session will go on rotation at the same time as the painting task or afterwards depending on the size of the group.

Face coverings are still recommended as we will be inside.

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