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Allie went on a community mission
Community mission

Pedal power parcels

Sat 29 Jan
Report written by Katy Hulm

Simon, Allie, Julia and I met at Kinship Cookery Club's base for a quick introduction by Anna-Lou & to pick up our food parcels. As it's a beautiful day, we agreed our only real challenges would be the nearby hills of Brockley & some pretty strong gusts of wind.

While we all went our separate ways to make our deliveries, all being well we'll have delivered to 8 families between us! The families receiving these parcels will have a Zoom cookery class with Anna-Lou later to make a chicken & broccoli stir fry in a garlic sauce

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Allie went on a community mission
Community mission

Ouch potatoes

Fri 28 Jan
Report written by Tower Hamlets runner

4 goodgymers, 3 cyclists and 1 runner met at food cooperative.

We restocked the shelves, did food preparation and packaging.

Team work guys! We have completed quite a few varied tasks. To name a few, vaccum packing frozen chickens, peeling a big crate of potatoes... Absolutely Appeeling!

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Allie signed up to a community mission
Community mission

GG Cyclists needed: Bike Deliveries for Kinship Cookery Club

Sat 29 Jan 12:00 pm
Dennett's Road, London, SE14 5LJ
Supporting families by delivering ingredients and recipes for their online cookery club

Kinship Hub have their Kinship Kitchen project where the families supported by this community organisation can interact and cook together virtually through their online Cooking Club. Anna-Lou (founder and director of Kinship Hub) needs our help in delivering food parcels (ingredients and recipes) for the local families.

You will need to provide your own backpack or panier bag, the food parcel weight will be 2-5kg. Some members will be required to carry 2-3 food parcels, both a rucksack and panier bag may be needed.

Here are the details:

📍 Deliveries will be collected from Dennett's Road SE14 5LJ.

🚴 Distances can vary between 5k - 16k (one-way), so cyclists will be needed.

Pick-up at 12:00 and the community mission is finished once you finish your drop-off(s).

Here are the routes (subject to change):

  • ROUTE 1 (Allie): Nunhead to Surrey Quays & Bermondsey (2 Drop Offs) - 3.1 miles/5k bike ride (17 minutes cycling time) - Map
  • ROUTE 2 (Julia): Nunhead to Nunhead (x2) & Lewisham (3 Drop Offs) - 4.1 miles/6.6k bike ride (25 minutes cycling time) - Map
  • ROUTE 4 (Katy): Nunhead to Lewisham & Lee (2 drop offs) - 6 miles/9.6k bike ride (36 minutes cycling time) - Map
  • ROUTE 6 (Simon): Nunhead to Sydenham & Bromley - 11.5 miles/18.5k bike ride (1 hour cycling time) - Map


Deadline to sign up: Thursday 27th January at 23:59

You will be given your full delivery address details the night before. If you have any issues on the day, you can call Anna-Lou on 07792320549.

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Allie signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Sorting & Stocking @ Borough Food Cooperative

Fri 28 Jan 14:00 pm
St George the Martyr Church, Borough High Street , London, SE1 1JA
Tackles food insecurity and reuses surplus food to prevent food being thrown away!

Borough Food Cooperative based at St George the Martyr Church need GoodGymers quite frequently to help with their operation:

  • Sorting through stock

  • Unloading deliveries and bringing them down the stairs into the crypt

  • Restocking the shop

  • Putting together deliveries for those who are housebound

There will be no GoodGym leader or taskforce member. Please note to ask for Adam or Kate, who is the task owner, she will be present. Thanks!

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Allie went on a group run
Group run

No time to dig, but plenty of talent

Wed 6 Oct
Report written by Sam Lefevre

How do GoodGymers like their Vesper Martinis? Like James Bond, shaken not stirred as we like to shake up a community and not cause a stir 🙄

On a warm October evening, five GoodGymers met up for a Group Run from Old Spike Roastery in Peckham to Marychurch Oasis near Rotherhithe Overground Station. Newcomer (and recruited from Sam's tag rugby team) Jess was the first one present outside the cafe eagerly waiting (with nerves) for her first Group Run! Slowly, one by one, GoodGymers started to arrive! Natalia came for her second Group Run and to my surprise, Allie showed up out of the blue as it has been several months since I was saw her! Good to see "old" faces and great to see she was up for a Group Run again. Last, but not least, Fumina turned up for her 3rd good deed just as I was about to start the GoodGym "speech" and then the warm-up! After a quick blast warm-up, we steadily ran the 5.5k (yes, I wasn't 5k as I advertised 😝), which took us along Rye Lane into Surrey Canal Walk, across Old Kent Road, down Abercorn Way, shortcut to Galleywall and Southwark Park Road before joining Jamaica Road as we did a last push to Marychurch Oasis (Time and Talent). This run with a few stops for traffic lights and "breather breaks" took us just under 40 minutes. 💪

Time and Talent

Being slightly late, Emma (who cycled in) and Phoebe (task owner) were waiting for us! They were pleased to see that we had arrived and Phoebe wasted no time in explaining the task as we did have 35 minutes instead of the original 45. Phoebe wanted us to dig up soil in a part of the Oasis that needed to be leveled down for future use and shift this (with the wheelbarrows provided) to an empty skip outside Time and Talent. This time, the portable floodlights were fully charged and helped with lighting up the digging area. With three shovels and two wheelbarrows, everyone took their weapon of choice and got stuck in. Naturally, I was on photographer duty, but still helped out with lifting the wheelbarrows and pouring the soil into the skip.

The time zoomed by as barrow after barrow, we shifted the soil from the ever-decreasing mound to the most mineral rich skip in the neighbourhood. 😂 Time does past fast when you're getting a full body workout (especially upper body) with the digging and lifting as well as talking about first dates! 👀 which was great to hear after the year we had that we're all getting back to some normality. Some great quotes from night:

Had my first date at Parkrun with a sporty man over the weekend....out of breath after the 3rd lap, so he spoke about himself, but got my 2nd best ever Parkrun time 😂

Planned to have a nice first date with a picnic....ended up having our first date at Wimbledon 👀

Thank You Phoebe

GoodGym is all about getting fit and doing good! We praise the runners/cyclists/walkers who come to get fit and help out, but we often forget about our task owners and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Phoebe for agreeing to stay late into the night and host us. I am sure we will be back as there is always plenty to do!

Thank you for the group photos too! 😉

Hope everyone enjoyed their time at Time and Talent last night! Thank you for digging, transporting and pouring soil into a skip. I am aware everyone had the chance to do a bit of everything! 💪 Hope to see you on another Group Run or Community Mission soon!

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Allie went on a community mission
Community mission

Rail-ey Good Show

Wed 23 Jun
Report written by Laura Grant

Five Good Gymmers met at Traid Peckham to help clear the store after their seasonal sale. We tidied the rails, collected all the odd shoes and packaged everything away in enormous boxes, ready to be sent to the warehouse. Welcome too to Elsie and congratulations on your first GG mission!

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Allie signed up to a community mission
Community mission

Sorting clothes for Traid Sale

Wed 23 Jun 19:00 pm
14-16 Rye Lane, London, SE15 5BS
Helping this local community store.

Traid Peckham are getting ready for the end of season sale.

They need help packing the remaining sale stock, and some extra hands cleaning the rails and displays.

  • Please adhere to current regulations for social distancing and facemasks.
  • Wipe down and tools between use if sharing.

Jose, store manager will be on site to assist us.

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