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Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes went on a group run

Tue 2nd Jan at 6:45pm

Tree-mendous Start to 2024!!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

GoodGym Lambeth is off to a flying start for the January challenge with a bumper group of GGers heading out to collect Christmas Trees for recycling.

The group met at Papa's despite the weather warning and the set off towards Clapham Park where Lambeth Council collect the extra trees not collected by the recycling trucks and then turn them into mulch to be re-used.

Check out the awesome photos and many thanks to Joao for leading the run as well as to Nathan for the pics.

Let's make January an absolutely awesome month for doing good and making a difference - COME ON LAMBETH!!

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YiannyManuel BrunaJoao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes signed up to a group run.

Tue 2nd Jan at 6:45pm

Treecycling - 2024's First Group Run !!

Help out Lambeth Council collecting Christmas Trees

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Manuel Bruna
Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes went on a group run

Tue 19th Dec 2023 at 6:45pm

Happy Canova Hall-mas !!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

Last night we headed to Canova Hall to celebrate another fantastic year of GoodGyming in Lambeth and we delighted to welcome our lots of the Lambeth legends as well as out friends from Southwark and Wandsworth.

There was delicious pizza, a few drinks, a quiz and some silly prizes to boot.

Notable mentions go to Tilly for nailing the festive outfit and to Jo who AA Yianny finally go to meet!

The quiz was an opportunity to learn a bit more about GG Lambeth and our work in 2023 as well as a few interesting general knowledge questions (an embarassment of pandas anyone?)

Once all was said and done and few prizes dished out it was the Lambeth Awards with Sam & Nathan picking up a gong each for longest runs, Michael getting an honorable mention after his marathon was canceled, Else being newbie of the year, Paul as Ghost with the Most and Tilly for smashing her goals.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and to everyone in the extended Lambeth community for all their hard work this year and we look forward to the January challenge next.

Have a wonderful festive break everyone.

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Manuel BrunaOlivia WallerYiannySam Lefevre
Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes went on a group run

Tue 5th Dec 2023 at 6:45pm

Farewell Frances - It's Been Fan-tastic !!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

Only one place to start this report and that is to celebrate our incredible GGer Frances who last night notched up her 600th Good Deed! An absolutely fantastic achievement and it also marks the end (for now!) of Frances' journey with us as she is moving overseas, wishing you all the best and you will be sorely missed. 🤩

And so it was that we took a bumper group of runners including first time London but longtime GGer Matt from the Oxford group up to Windmill Gardens (ahhh there's the pun reference) to help out Jean and Annick get the park ready for the Winter Fair this weekend. Else thank you for signing up via the website - great to have you come through the MeetUp link and now onto your third run with us.

It was amazing to have so many runners out this time as there was plenty of work to be getting on with so we split into several teams in charge of the following: - A two person litter picker crew - Several people making up the 'raking crew' (1990s WCW reference.... no? Anyone?? Seriously???) - A few people on grabber duty (giant plastic hands for collecting leaves) - Brooms and giant compost bags for the remaining volunteers

We set about raking up millions of wet leaves, trimming the edges of the pathways and building a giant mud pile to dry out and be used for composting.

After a good 50 minutes labour it was time to tidy up and the park was looking much clearer than when we found it - the daylight will give us a better idea though so if you want to help out set up or pack away the Winter Fair head to the links below and get signed up. Then of course make sure you go to and enjoy the Fair itself!

Lastly a reminder that we have our Lambeth Christmas Social coming up on the 19th December so get signed up for that as well: Thanks all and see you at the next one :0)

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Manuel BrunaOlivia WallerYiannyMatt Burton

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Mark Gilyead
Mark Gilyead (he/him)

Wed 6th Dec 2023 at 11:24am

🥳 Nice one Frances 🔥

Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes signed up to a group run.

Wed 13th Dec 2023 at 6:30pm

Manuel BrunaSam Lefevre
Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes signed up to a group run.

Tue 5th Dec 2023 at 6:45pm