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Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes went on a group run

Tue 11th Jun at 6:45pm

There's No 'I' in Great Big Green Wee.... !!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

Ok looks like a bit of a typo slipped into the title of this week's run - my apologies ;0)

As AA Yianny was out of town Joao was ready to step in and lead the short run over to help out at Rush Common, just up Brixton Hill.

Sylvie (welcome back!), Louise and Jo (nice photos - thanks!) headed up to help out the Friends of finish off a community event getting residents to help clean up Rush Common.

Marie-Noelle also set off to find the group but the group worked so efficiently that it was almost pack up time before she could reach the group walking - sorry Marie-Noelle we will have plenty for you to do next week!

A mention also to Michael who planned to join but was unable to without somewhere to leave his bag - again we look forward to seeing you next week.

Thanks all and don't forget we have our summer picnic next Tuesday, check out the listing below, come along and bring something to share with the group if you can!

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YiannySam Lefevre
Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes went on a group run

Tue 7th May at 6:45pm

Thanks Very Mulch !!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

Last night we had a classic GG task on our hands - a good ole lift n shift - where we had to move two 1000kg bags of wood chip from the upper playground to the lower play garden at Jubilee Primary.

Let's Get Physical!

Run Leader Joao met AA Yianny, Fi and Tilly at Papa's while we planned to pick up Jo on our way and then meet our two walkers Liz (great to have you back with us!) and Marie-Noelle at the school.

It was a lovely run in the evening sun and we have now pivoted from GG Book Club to summer holz recommendations - Cyprus, Canada and Crete on the list for our runners - destinations beginning with other letters are available ;0)

With a lovely 18 degrees and sunny out everything was perfect and so we divided into two groups, one preparing the playground by weeding and clearing while the other shoveled (and bucketed) wood chip into a wheelbarrow then ran it down to be dumped.

The main challenge was having large steps between the playgrounds meaning we had to carry down the wheelbarrow and large bags but after a ten or so return trips all the mulch was moved and the playground was looking much better as well as safer for the kids to play on.

Juan has plenty more for us to do so we will be back at Jubilee Primary in two week's time - sign up here to get involved:

Big thanks to all and see you next week as we visit St Faith's to see the completion of the straw hall!

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Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes signed up to a group run.

Tue 7th May at 6:45pm

Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes went on a group run

Tue 30th Apr at 6:45pm

Keeping Lambeth Tidy

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

Led by Joao - weather making an appearance - thanks to all!!

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YiannySam Lefevre