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Palace Road Gardening - Tuesday's Group Run !!
🗓Tuesday 13th June 6:45pm

📍Papa's Park SW9 8AF

Helps to maintain the gardens for the public

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Yianny (he / him) went on a group run

Tue 6th Jun at 6:45pm

Paint Misbehavin'

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

We do enjoy a series at GG Lambeth and tonight was installment 3 of the GG x Blind AId Saga. It's a story for the ages, think Game of Thrones meets Treme meets M* A* S* H.... Or in fact nothing like any of those, just a great task to make a real difference.

A little crew of 5 of us set off from Papa's having discussed our favourite Board Games (Azul, Twister, Articulate, Trivial Pursuit, Catan) with Dawn even managing a quick round of her favourite game with the group - how very meta!

With Michael still in Marathon prep mode we did a little extra distance on the way over to Little Portugal so that he could get close to his 5km target for the evening and were there in plenty of time to get stuck in to our painting.

5 people in one room with furniture led to a game of its' own of the style of Tetris meets Crystal Maze, the first part being done well however Charlotte if the goal was to avoid touching the wet paint would have been locked in the room!

Plenty of collaboration went on with small roller being swapped for paint brush and big rollers handed around so everyone had the right tool for their circumstance, and by the end of the task the room was looking much brighter (although a bit of snagging still required).

Will absolutely smashed a) being tall and b) the washing up of the equipment at the end so loads of brownie points for that and then we were off for a quick run back to base.

I'd say there is one more of these to get everything sorted so well done all and see you at next week's run.

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Michael Welsh

Wed 7th Jun at 11:00am

Thanks to all for the 'extra' km to and from the task, very helpful indeed. I ran 2km down the Brixton Road to Oval Station to complete my training run for the day. 😎👍🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️👟

Yianny (he / him)

Wed 7th Jun at 1:53pm

Nice one Michael!!

Yianny (he / him) signed up to a group run.

Tue 25th Jul at 6:45pm

Amy L
Yianny (he / him) went on a group run

Tue 30th May at 6:45pm

Woahhhh Black Berry, Bam ba Lam..... !!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

A small group of GGers gathered in the overcast evening to head over an help out at Ruskin Park, we had heard that things were getting out of hand in the fruit cage and set off to investigate.

As promised those of us back at Papa's had the chance to recycle last week's category que which was 'What is your 3rd fave song' and again a nice mix was brought up by the group including the venerable Bill Withers, The Smiths, Warmduscher who played Brockwell Park on the weekend (I had to look them up I confess) and the ever fun Madness!

Will was back for his second GG session so clearly not put off by contentious category ques, and we were joined by Clare and Katie to make the 2.5km easy run across to the far side of the park by Denmark Hill.

With a carefully co-ordinated arrival we met with Paul an Marie-Noelle at the entrance to the community garden and went to see what Justin had for us.

The rumours were well founded and inside the fruit cage it was a tangle of brambles and bindweed and almost impossible to recognise and separate all the lovely budding fruit bushes underneath it all. Our task was simple, trim back the brambles but leave plenty in place to grow the blackberries and dig out all the bindweed we could find as well as a general sprucing up.

Tools were handed out, a massive 1 tonne compost bag was brought and we started filling wheelbarrows full to load into it. 40 mins or so later the cage was transformed and it is fresh and ready for the volunteers of Ruskin Park this weekend to come in and get planting!

Huge thanks to Justin for hosting us and giving out refreshments as well - always a winner for GGers - and we look forward to heading back in a couple of months to see how it is all getting on.

Well done everyone, see you next week!

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Yianny (he / him) went on a group run

Tue 23rd May at 6:45pm

Plot Twist..... Off to Landor Road Allotments !!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

A beautiful early summer's evening last night and we were off to discover a little haven between Brixton and Clapham which no one knows about, until now....

As ever first things first and that is a warm welcome to brand new GGer Will who joined us for his first session, Will it was awesome to have you with us!

Tonight's category was a good'un so we will recycle it next week but both Michael and Will shared their 3rd favourite song of all time and there was clearly a theme, we had Aretha's Rock Steady, Vulfpeck's 1612 (great track!) and Nina's Feelin' Good! Add them to your playlists, you won't be disappointed.

Our compact group set off from base at Papa's and headed over to Landor Road - managing to meet Nathan on the way - where we discovered a little oasis that no one knew existed and wonderful triangular walled allotment.

Valcie was there to meet us in high spirits as ever, and she started calling in the various residents to come down and get involved sorting plots for the community and helping to clear as much of the weed growth which has exploded with the rain and sunshine we have had recently. At this point Marie-Noelle and Paul were with us and the work could begin in earnest.

As you can see from the pictures the challenge was a big one but in typical GG fashion we spread out, got fully stuck in and never mind the nettles, then by the end of the session we had cleared 7/8 bin liners full of green growth to be composted.

A very satisfying task all round so thanks to Valcie for the snacks and drinks, and to everyone for their hard work - see you all next week!

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Nathan Wood

Wed 24th May at 11:18am

This was a nice one! We should do it again at some point

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Tue 4th Jul at 6:45pm

Yianny (he / him) signed up to a group run.

Tue 27th Jun at 6:45pm

Amy LChalomi King
Yianny (he / him) signed up to a group run.

Tue 18th Jul at 6:45pm

Amy L
Yianny (he / him) signed up to a group run.

Wed 17th May at 9:30am

Brompton is teaming up with Cultivate London

A great workout for you and a great deal of help for an amazing community space

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