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Help Stockwell Primary School for the next generation of learners - Tuesday's Group Run !!
🗓Today 6:45pm

📍Papa's Park SW9 8AF

Help improve the school environment for the 470 pupils at the school

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Tue 13th Dec at 6:45pm

Elf & Wellbeing, Packing Toys and Books for Christmas - Tuesday's Group Run !!

Sort Christmas gift donations for children who really need them.

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Yianny (he / him) went on a group run

Tue 22nd Nov at 6:45pm

Helping Out a Primary School? That’s Write Up Our Street!!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

So last night was a Two for Tuesday PLUS we had a brand new GoodGymer PLUS another little milestone for Inny so lots of good stuff going on.

We were delighted to welcome Amy to the Lambeth community for her first task and Group Run, thanks for coming down and getting stuck in! For those keeping a track on these our category this week was if you could have any item from anywhere in the world in your house (or garden) what would it be? This week's winner had to be Katy who would bring the chocolate waterfall and river from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to her house (no Oumpa Loumpas were harmed during this discussion).

It was one of our longer runs up to Palace Road and there to meet Gerry at the Nature Gardens to help with a small task and then on to Streatham Wells Primary School to clear away their now defunct chicken run.

Frances was on her bike and Lasso meeting us at the tasks so they started off helping out Gerry shift some green waste from the street side round to the compost area at the back, it was two loads each but nice to be able to help out on our way!

The rest of the group headed 50m further up the road and discovered Maya had somehow clambered over the 20 foot fencing and made it into the school (or been let in by Stephen the maintenance person). There was an enormous amount of very heavy paving stones, chicken wire, a rabbit hutch and lots of odds and ends that needed carrying round to where the skip will arrive on Wednesday morning.

Check out the pics where you can see Good Jim was raring to go with the fob for the school, all the lifting and shifting, tools of the trade and a lovely group photo.

Runners started to peel away on the run home, thanks Lindy and Michael for keeping me company and chatting on the run as well.

See you next week!

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Yianny (he / him) completed their first run in a new area. 🥳

Wednesday 16th November



Yianny (he / him) completed their first run in a new area.

Curious? Yianny has just run their first session in another area. For that explorative spirit Yianny is awarded the scout badge. A Scout is trustworthy

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Yianny (he / him) went on a group run

Wed 16th Nov at 9:30am

Brompton Bicycles meets local Woodlands = Lots of Bike Petals.... !!

Ealing Report written by Yianny (he / him)

On Wednesday GoodGym was back with Brompton Bicycles, taking a new cohort of staff to see what GoodGyming is all about.

A group of 9 lovely (and committed) people from across different departments were introduced to the concept of getting fit while doing good as we prepared to make the - just over- 5km journey to a local woodland area to meet with our task owner for the day, Dee

Anyone looking out of the window at 7/8am may have been forgiven for not showing up in reception for a cycle and outdoor activity, but the team were ready and waiting: the clouds rolled away and we were rewarded with a gloriously sunny morning!

We had some competent riders in the group, which made things much easier - thanks to Alex and Mark for starting us off towards the back, making sure the line stayed together.

Lambeth AA was stepping in this week, so Uxbridge isn't quite familiar territory but the directions from Liv were great and took us away from the busy industrial roads and through a couple of local parks (with a few inclines of course) and over to the Woodlands. Ozgur was doing a great job at the front following signals and relaying them, while Varsha and Bhavsing attacked the climbs in the park like superstars despite not being used to these rides.

Just before we arrived to meet Dee, the group finally stretched and separated into two but with Edward zooming back we were able to arrive almost simultaneously, and work could start.

The task was to clear a new area of the woodland for the William Hobbayne Charity and a group of young children with special needs who would visit on Saturday and be taken through outdoor activities, learning about the natural environment. In no time the weeds and leaves were cleared, and some hefty logs moved up to the new site so the group really did get its upper and lower body workout in.

With all the hoeing, chopping, sawing, lifting and bagging done it was time to wave goodbye and Kristina with her local knowledge suggested a more direct route back which everybody agreed on.

A big shout out to Alvaro who stayed with Yianny and Joan on the way back, and of course well done Joan for cycling that far and making a difference!

Thank you to all the team from Brompton, and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

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