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Katie Allan
Katie Allan went on a group run

Tue 15th Nov at 6:45pm

Iā€™m Jim, Good Jim, Nice to Meet You !!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

What to say about the Group Run this evening??!! It was a jam packed affair so without further ado lets's get into it.

Prologue: Both gates were locked at Papa's with new padlocks to boot and Louise was concerned that coming straight from work she was going to have to change in the street.... never fear using his past life as a safe cracker the AA had one of the padlocks off in no time and we were in.

Chapter 1: As we set off on one of our longer runs a little birdie told Yianny that it was Charlotte's 200th GG good deed (what a fantastic achievement!) so with that joyous news in mind we were off on the flattest route possible to visit our friends at the Weir Link centre. Tonight's category caught people by surprise - if you could be anyone else apart from yourself for a day who would it be - but some great answers including the rich lady from the Aristocats movie, one person's own sister and several musical type people. Our main concern was the slippery surface and all the fallen leaves (GG can help with that) but we made good time and were there nicely warmed up in 23 mins flat.

Chapter 2: Once we arrived we were on the lookout for Ivan who had ALL the tools we would need and some green waste bags. After scaring the daylights out of a small group inside the centre by popping up outside the window, they were kind enough to go and call Ivan who came out with an M&S bag with two trowels in it... That was fine the work was going to be done by hand pulling the weeds and so we didvided ip bags and set to work.

Chapter 3: Bags were filling up rapidly with soggy leaves and weeds so it was decided to leave some leaf mulch and just pull the weeds then Kaz who, true to his word joined us on the fly, spotted something in the undergrowth. What could it be you ask? A slug or snail enjoying the wet weather, perhaps a small beetle or creepy crawly, or maybe a bit of South London detritus (you know what I mean)? In fact emerging from the ground covered in mud was a very small but perfectly formed man wearing a red top and a hard hat! It was of course fate and given his attire it was agreed that this would be our Lambeth GG mascot from now on but just one thing was missing, a name.

His name obviously is Jim, Good Jim, if you hadn't guessed!

In any good story about now is where there is a misunderstanding or problem which the protagonists must overcome and we thought we were about to have our own on who would take Jim and keep him safe till next week. But that's not how we roll at GG Lambeth and despite celebrating her 200th task Charlotte is also heading off on a trip for a bit so the group agreed that the AA will hold onto him and bring him every week - when you see him say hi!

Conclusion: Job done and with time to spare and we had run out of bag space to gather any more weeds. Time to head back but not before some great team pics (thanks and welcome back Liz).

Epilogue: Back at Papa's after almost 7km of running and loads of weeding we remembered it was cake time, this week we had DOUBLE BAKE with both Charlotte and Clare treating us to delicious cupcakes and vegan (I think?) Brownies!!

What a great night, milestones, kilometres, new arrivals and old friends.

The End.

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Harvey GallagherPaul SalmanNathan Wood

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Liz Marsland

Wed 16th Nov at 5:34pm

was a good one!


Fri 18th Nov at 8:30am

I love the title report. "But not as you know it" .

Katie Allan
Katie Allan went on a group run

Tue 1st Nov at 6:45pm

(Leaf)Let It Be !!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

Winter is upon us but the members of Lambeth GoodGym were in fine spirits despite that and ready to help out our good friends at GROAD.

The task this evening was a simple one - run / leaflet / run / leaflet and so on - so we had a very brief warm up and safety briefing (rain + leaves = DANGER DANGER) before heading out into the upmarket innards of Stockwell.

Just before heading out we had a our category for the week and this week it was a bit of self reflection - which stereotype do you (despite your best efforts perhaps) fall into?! No names here but some people fell into classic categories of having posters of fast cars and tv characters on their bedroom wall as teenagers, others as 'Maths geeks', one medical professional has illegible handwriting, while others as creatives can't even look at an excel sheet without having an allergic reaction!

We thought we were getting lucky weather wise as there was no rain and once you were running the temperature was perfect so we got off to a great start flyering all the houses and apartments as we made our way North and East through Stockwell just below Little Portugal area.

About 3/4 of the way through however the heavens opened and in spectacular style! We grabbed cover for a couple of minutes to let the worst of it pass and try to keep the flyers in good condition but there was no end in sight so we headed back out and within minutes were dripping wet. Something about running with a fun group in the rain made this a really enjoyable task and so we made it all the way down to the Clapham Road before circling back to base at Papa's.

Inny well done for getting out post feeling unwell for the last couple of weeks, Nathan thanks for listening to the AA's boring work chat, super Sam I hope those biceps have recovered(?), Katie welcome back we missed you and Shauna yes it was cold when we set off.....!!

Back to base and there were Katie's vegan fudge pieces waiting for us - I LOVE YOU BAKE OFF!!!!!

Fun times - see you all next week.

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Paul SalmanNathan WoodKaty HulmHarvey GallagherYianny
Katie Allan
Katie Allan signed up to a group run.

Tue 1st Nov at 6:45pm

Leafletting For Get Rid Of & Donate

Spread the word so more people donate their unused stuff!

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Katie Allan
Katie Allan signed up to a race.

Sat 15th Oct at 8:45am

GG Lambeth does Brockwell Parkrun

A good start to the morning, with a 5K run and Herne Hill for coffee!

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Dom Tooze
Katie Allan
Katie Allan signed up to a group run.

Tue 27th Sep at 6:45pm

Katie Allan
Katie Allan signed up to a race.

Sat 24th Sep at 8:45am

Parkrun On Tour (South London Edition): Dulwich

A 5k run & to experience a different Parkrun each month with other GoodGymers

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Sam Lefevre
Katie Allan
Katie Allan went on a race

Sat 20th Aug at 8:45am

All run and dusted - the runners

Lambeth Report written by Nathan Wood

A good group of runners smashed it at Brockwell Parkrun this morning.

It was a sunny morning and a great run. Kaz even managed to smash his PB by just.. TWO WHOLE MINUTES. Good job šŸ‘šŸ‘

After all runners had crossed the funnel, we headed off to Herne Hill for a well deserved morning coffee ā˜•

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YiannyPaul SalmanMagdalena BujarKaz PodstolskiNathan Wood
Katie Allan
Katie Allan went on a community mission

Sat 20th Aug at 8:45am

All run and dusted

Lambeth Report written by Nathan Wood

Three Goodgymmers work up early this Saturday morning to help out at Brockwell Park Run.

Magda took her position as a marshal and I carried out my Barcode scanning task. Katie gave a great new runner briefing, and even managed to join the run straight after.

We then joined our contingent of Goodgym runners and headed off for a coffee by Herne Hill.

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YiannyPaul SalmanKaz PodstolskiNathan Wood