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Fi went on a group run

Wed 14th Feb at 6:30pm

Having an art to art on Valentine's Day

Southwark Report written by Sam Lefevre (he/him)

Love was in the air! ❤️

10 love-sick (not really) GoodGymers opted for on a date night with GoodGym.

8 out of 10 cats...GoodGymers were up for the just under 3k group run to Salvation Army Camberwell Corps and met Sam at Old Spike. As runners came in, we caught up on our week and the festivities of Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) and Valentine's Day, the former social date was a more preferred topic. As 18:45 arrived, Sam promptly went through his usual GG intro speech and his ice-breaker snap-poll for the night was to do with, of course, Valentine's Day. Would you prefer to receive a dinner, gift or flowers? Everyone voted for dinner... Sam even prepared an ice-breaker question: Awkward / unusual first date question or scenario?

We had from consoling a Prince fan upon hearing he had died to the date assuming our GoodGymer took drugs in the bathroom (she just had a runny nose...) and from headbutting, the date leaving half through a date to spirit animals not matching....there's been a few awkward dates amongst us.

You colour my world

After a quick warm-up in the alleyway, Sam led the group through the backstreets of Peckham and up Chadwick Road (the hill) and down towards Camberwell. We were quite pacey this time with Paulin backmarking (both ways). At the task, we met Valentina, Richard and their son, Lucas as well as newbie, Diana and arriving as we just arrived, Sander.

Richard and Valentina had prepared loads of paint, paint brushes and liners to put down to protect the carpeted floor. Yet, before we got going with the painting, our runners got a deserved drink of water, biscuits and heart-shaped Haribos sweets.

Since there were 10 of us and plenty of painting to be done, everyone picked up a paint brush, stirred the paint and concentrated on their section of the entrance hall. Diana and Joely concentrated on painting the main door from inside as it had received a lot of marks over the years. Isaac and Paulin had their fair share of paint on them as they took on the ceiling and high wall roller paint brushes. David, Fi, Laura, Sander, and Steve had smaller brushes to paint the finer parts of the walls.

In 45 minutes, with romantic tunes blasting, we managed to complete the first coat of paint. It was such a therapeutic task and we will be happy to come back in two weeks' time to put on a second coat. But next time, we will ensure we have plenty of time at the end to clean the paint brushes as we left that to the last minute and I feel guilty for leaving it all for Valentina to do!

Thank You to all the GG-ers

A personal thanks from me to all those who came out last night on Valentine's Day! Appreciate the love and the faster than usual pace on the run there and back! It was lovely to meet you Diana and thanks for coming back for your second GoodGym session, Joely. Finally, a massive thank you to Paulin for backmarking on both runs. We're off to Thorlands Gardens next Wednesday to continue with the garden project there!

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YiannySam Lefevre
Fi signed up to a group run.

Wed 14th Feb at 6:30pm

Sam Lefevre
Fi went on a group run

Tue 6th Feb at 6:45pm

Chair-itable Stacking Task !!

Lambeth Report written by Yianny (he / him)

We had a very small group last night but all the better for a good chat especially as the weather decided to take a turn just as we were setting off from Papa's!

AA Yianny had plenty of time to contemplate all things GoodGym while waiting for Document Checks to come then Fi came blasting in having run down to Brixton (excellent work!), one of us was freezing and one of us was nice and toasty - I'll let you guess who was which!

We set off to Holy Trinity at a nice pace to hold a conversation and in no time we were there, soggy, but in good spirits to meet with Paul and Marie-Noelle who had walked to the task directly.

Nicole, Andy and Naomie from the committee were there to meet us and our task was to stack and move hundreds of chairs (see before and after pics), move some boards and lay out some trestle tables ready for this weekend's Ceili (dance / gathering). AA also popped in for a quick look at the straw bale hall and it is looking fantastic!!

We stacked and wheeled chairs, lifted and shifted the boards, unfolded and placed the tables and that was that, another great job done and all happy all round - not bad for a blustery Tuesday night!

As ever thanks to all and see you next time!

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Fi signed up to a group run.

Tue 6th Feb at 6:45pm

Fi completed 15 good deeds with GoodGym. 😎

Wednesday 24th January

Finding your feet

Finding your feet

Fi completed 15 good deeds with GoodGym.

Fi has completed their 15th good deed with GoodGym