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If you (pa)go-da to the Malthouse tonight, you'll be in for a big soukprise

34 runners ran 7.3km to help the Heworth Without Community Centre in York.

  • Paul Anderson
  • Nick Griffin
  • Carl Wain
  • York runner
  • Lizzie Kershaw
  • Leanne Allsopp
  • Joe Micheli
  • Aidan Kettle
  • Ed Woollard
  • Stefan Durkin
  • Tim Mckenzie
  • Lauren Forecast
  • Lucy Knight
  • Paul Kelly
  • Ian Paul
  • Mitchell Scott
  • Tristan Featherby
  • York runner
  • Freya Squires
  • Debs Sharpe
  • Emily Collins
  • Vicky
  • Dan Croxen-John
  • Pete
  • Emma
  • Amy Cawson
  • John Forecast
  • Laura Barrett
  • York runner
  • Kate Hughes
  • Sam
  • York runner
  • Richard Parkinson
  • Emily Wilson
Monday, 14th of October 2019
Led by Egg Cameron

Another wet Monday night didn't stop 34 GG Yorkies from coming to do good!!

We gave some big cheers for everyone who raced at Kielder at the weekend and for Amy who boshed the Royal Parks Half.

Pete was awarded the Cape of Good Deeds as he completed his 50th good deed at Hartrigg Oaks last week. If you haven't gone and given him a massive cheer yet, make sure you do!

Brand new runner, Emily had never run in the rain before (a regular occurrence from our friends across the Atlantic) and wasn't sure of the protocol.

Do I wear a jacket?

We split into two teams with just over half going with Leanne for more tasks at The Malthouse and just under half coming on a longer run with me to the mystery location that is Heworth Without.

We go to Heworth Without twice a year to help maintain their wildflower meadow, and most people can never remember where it is or how to get there, hence 'mystery'.

As usual, it was extremely wet and there was even an unavoidable bonus puddle on the way in.

I'd only just dried out these shoes from last weekend - fell running squad Lucy

Task owner, Roger, was very well prepared with a rake for everyone and a load of tarps laid out for us. Our task was to rake all the cut grass off the wildflower meadow, load it onto tarps and drag it across to the woodland on the other side of the field.

Lizzie was trialling an innovative approach to winter tasks by strapping a portable floodlight to her chest whilst Emily was just doing her best to rake near anyone with a headtorch.

We finished dragging the last tarp across the field and folded up the rest neatly, except Carl who obviously does not fold the bedsheets at home.

Leanne's Malthouse Report

19 of our finest good doers walked, ran and sprinted to the Souk just 500m away from our meeting point.

On arrival, task owner Emily and a puppy greeted us with a variety of tasks. Two teams set to work on separate painting tasks, while others challenged their spacial awareness by manoeuvring large pieces of furniture up the stairs, around corners into the upstairs room.

Four brave souls volunteered to go out into the rain to move some empty barrels and generally tidy around. That left Ian, who was in charge of ripping up old bed sheets to make rag bunting. He was soon joined by a team who added the torn up pieces to the existing bunting (and to their heads).

After 40 minutes, we ran out of tasks, so it was time to gather for a game of 'I went to GoodGym' -a workout for both our bodies and our minds (based on the shopping list game). I started the game off by saying

I went to GoodGym and everyone did one squat

The next person added an extra exercise and an extra rep "I went to GoodGym and everyone did one squat and two burpees" (thanks Paul A)

The final list of exercises were:

1 squat 2 burpees 3 star jumps 🌟 4 walls painted 5 second lunge on right leg 6 seconds of your very best dance moves 7 second lunge on left leg 8 bum shuffles 9 high knees 10 jumps 11 spotty dogs 12 high kicks 13 heel flicks 14 heel taps 15 second superhero pose 16 high fives

Fitness done, we went back out into the rain for the short run back and cool down.

Report written by Egg Cameron

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Led by

Egg Cameron

Egg Cameron
Ex-Trainer for GoodGym York. Loves to LUNGE! Obsessed with parkrun, hills and puppies.

Runners helping out

  • Walk Leader

    Lead a walking group to the task

    • Amy Cawson
  • Photographer

    Take photos for the run report

    • Leanne Allsopp
  • Report Writer

    Will be in charge of writing the run report

    • Leanne Allsopp
  • Back markers

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Pete
    • Vicky
    • Lizzie Kershaw

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