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Knot wanting to cause offence... Painting eternal knots at Samye

15 runners ran 5.0km to help the Samye Mindfulness and Well being Centre in Cardiff.

  • Lydia
  • Mikey
  • Benjamin Annear
  • Cardiff runner
  • Ellen
  • Su Fernandez
  • Aimee Giles
  • Martin Graff
  • Adam
  • David McCullough
  • Helen Tunnicliffe
  • Alison
  • Andrew Skelton
  • Emily Cotterill
  • Adam Hammond
Tuesday, 12th of February 2019
Led by Benjamin Annear

So glad you found your way to the run report! Whether you joined us on the run or just weren’t able to, here you can read about what went on and see the exciting photos from the task!

Back at Big Moose

It’s been a long 3 weeks that’s for sure! 3 weeks ago Big Moose closed temporarily as a result of Health and Safety concerns. Fortunately for Big Moose and us, these safety concerns have gone, and the cafe has now reopened… Make sure you visit there for a coffee!

Let’s get warmed up!

It’s vital to warm up those muscles before engaging in intense exercise… We don’t want to be getting injured on the way to a task! The warm up consisted of running between a blue wooden construction wall and a concrete wall, approximately 100 metres apart. Warm up exercises would change from jogging to high knees to butt kicks to jumping strides and back to jogging.

We welcomed a new runner to GoodGym this evening… WELCOME ALISON! It was so lovely to have you come along for a run this evening and your gardening skills were weedly good! Well done to Aimee and Ellen who both completed a mission on the weekend. Martin and Ben both took part in the Llanelli half marathon on the weekend too - Kudos to youuuu. And Lucy took part in Pontypool cross country - Have you seen that photo of her with the big smile on her face whilst running up a hill? It was clear she was thoroughly enjoying it.

Anyway, it’s time to get going… let’s go go go!!! We ran as two separate groups to the Samye Foundation. Mikey led the speedy group and Ben led the sexy ones, and WOW DID THEY LOOK GOOD! After about 20 minutes of running we made it to the Samye Foundation.

*Welcome to the Samye Foundation! *

Lorraine and Andrew welcomed everyone to the Samye Foundation. Lorraine told people who hadn’t run to Samye before about the centre. They explained how at the centre they promote mental health wellbeing and believe that nobody should be left to struggle with their mental health – The Samye Foundation really is an incredible place.

Feeling motivated to help their cause we couldn’t wait any longer to get stuck in. Lydia and Lucy both grabbed the yellow painted and headed to the kitchen. Andrew, Su and Aimee all armed themselves with miniature paintbrushes to paint the eternal knots on the metal fence white. Helen, Alison and Ellen all weeded the car park. Martin, Adam and Welsh Dave (He tells us he isn’t actually Welsh but we don’t believe him) all moved soil to the plantation bed at the back of the centre. They then planted daffodil bulbs and stacked up smaller plantation beds so they looked aesthetically pleasing.

Wow GoodGym! You guys are incredible. In half an hour you managed to do that!?! You are welcome back anytime.

Lorraine was so pleased with what we managed to achieve in the short space of time we were there for. To our surprise, Lorraine invited us in for some post nibbles before we ran back… They are so kind at the Samye Centre, they want to make sure we have enough energy to be able to run back to the city centre.

Our run home

On the way back to the city centre we ran back as one group. Mikey didn’t give the runners at the front an easy time though… he got them doing sprint drills!

When we arrived back to Big Moose Adam led a warm down. Then we quickly reflected on the evening's run and Lucy told us about what was coming up in the next few weeks... Exciting times, that's for sure!

See you next week folks!

Report written by Benjamin Annear

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Martin Graff
Martin Graff
Wednesday February 13th, 2019 07:55

Nice report Ben

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