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3 x 50 cent!...that’s Ludacris

14 runners ran 6.0km to help the St Anthony’s Church in Slough.

  • Jenni H
  • Manjit Birk
  • Nisha Bilkhu
  • Slough runner
  • Slough runner
  • Jen Simpson
  • Pam Banga
  • Kam Atwal
  • Meera Patel
  • Erin Simmonds
  • Jean Watts
  • Jas. Takhar
  • Mabu
  • Doreen Gowing
Monday, 27th of January 2020
Led by Manjit Birk

Today was a very special day….we had not 1, not 2 but 3 Goodgymer’s achieve their 50 Good Deeds milestones! More about that in a minute…but first lets talk about the task!

Mow and Behold

Last year…(that sounds so long ago doesn’t it), we did our first task at St Anthony’s Church…suffice to say…we loved it! It was a great run route, the Church grounds are just amazing, Eva, our task owner was a dream to work for, Father Nicolas was just so charming and Salvatorie’s wife even made us a cake!

So when they asked us for a repeat visit…why would we say no?

The run distance was probably a tad longer than some of our runners would normally like do…so to give them the chance to run/walk there and arrive in good time, we did the safety brief and set off a small group of runners ahead of the main pack.. ably led by task force member Nisha and Run leader Sutyee

Whilst the rest of did a warm up and then made our way up the Farnham Rd to the task location. A very warm welcome to Doreen on her first session with us too…you fitted in like a gardening glove! It’s like you’ve always been a part of the team..

Ground Rules

On arrival, Eva, gave us the tools we needed to get the Church ground into ship shape.

Sut had the job of wheeling all the leaves to the compost area…she did a great job of balancing and manoeuvring without loosing her composture..

Although the grounds at first sight look impeccable…the little pesky weeds were making an appearance in every nook and cranny…but we managed to weed them out and got to the root of the problem.

Even in the dark we managed to clear the grounds of the main weeds, leaves and litter! Six bin bags full were taken to the compost and we were ready to head back...but only after a lovely chat with Father Nicholas, Eva, Salvatorie and eating some more of that yummy cake..

Bellies full we slowly plodded back to time for more treats from the 50 crew..

Lettuce go back to the nifty fifties

  • There once was a lady called Kam
  • Who turns up to as many sessions as she can
  • 50 sessions done
  • She should of bought in some buns
  • But instead she got us baby Sham

If you thought that was bad.. check out the next one!

  • There once was a lady called Pam
  • (don’t worry I’m not doing the same scam)
  • She also hit fifty good deeds
  • By pulling out lots of gritty weeds
  • Bring out the roast lamb!

Last one…I promise!

  • Lettuce tell you about a girl called Meera
  • She has the most ‘not bovered’ face – I hear ya!
  • She hangs out with a girl called Keira
  • And they both like a pint or two of beer-a
  • On nights out she’s more into soul then Heera
  • But she’s always up for a laugh so give her a cheer-a

Well done to all three of our wonderful ladies on their 50th! It’s a great milestone to reach and your efforts and company each week is really appreciated.

So, now, we reach the end of January. We have put in some serious efforts this month so well done to you all on the good deeds, mileage and participants challenge… 128 and counting! (Still one more community mission in the bag on Friday!)….HOWEVER! We have beaten last years Good Deed’s tally of 107…so thank you to everyone who has put in the extra efforts this month!

Riiiiiicky... (said in my best Bianca voice)

Anyone seen him?.. No me neither….but he’s hit 100 running miles this month so he’s around somewhere! Well done Riiiiicky….come back soon before we forget what you look like!

Next week we will be out delivering leaflets for Cippenham community fitness.. Afterwards we will be helping Erin with her focus group on sports and participation. That will start around 7.30pm, so if you are happy to do the task then head back to base with Erin to help her please let me know..

See you next week...

Report written by Manjit Birk

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Monday January 27th, 2020 22:13

How come both Kam and Pam got the 50 deeds same time?:)

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Led by

Manjit Birk

Manjit Birk
Area Activator for Slough....Running is my passion....Marathons to park runs I love them all! Running alone to running in pairs or groups

Runners helping out

  • Walk Leader

    Lead a walking group to the task

    • Pam Banga
  • Photographer

    Take photos for the run report

    • Slough runner
  • Back marker

    Make sure that no one is left behind

    • Nisha Bilkhu

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