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Donations to Slough Outreach

Mon 31 Jan 10:30 am
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Help the homeless

Slough Outreach are busier than ever and are in need of some snacking items for the goody bags they give to those in need

The items below are what they need:-

  • small juice cartons,
  • cereal bars,
  • chocolate bars,
  • crisps,
  • fizzy drinks,
  • sachets of soup,
  • sachets of porridge

If you can purchase and donate any one of these items that would be much appreciated.

Once you have your items pls contact me and I’ll arrange for them to be collected and dropped off to Shin.

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Kam Atwal went on a training session
Training session

Run up to Christmas

Sun 12 Dec
Report written by Manjit Birk

Baby it’s coald outside

So did you finish? Did you get your daily km’s in? Did you do more than your partner? Whichever way, well done! It’s not easy going out everyday pounding the pavements especially this time of year but well done to you all for getting out and doing it (even if it wasn’t the mileage you thought you’d put in).

It’s the most wonderful time for a beer

I see Ricky and Claire got in a sneaky beer after a 10k.. wohoo!

I had a lovely run, walk, chat with Jean to Eton where she gave me the two finger salute (all meant with love.. and the wrong way round hahah).

Helen, Claire and I got side-tracked at Thames Valley Athletics Centre with a few tik toks! But still managed to get our km’s in.

We really were in the spirit of Christmas

Did you forget your Christmas elfie

Of course we didn’t! Plenty of snaps from Pam, Jen, Nisha and Sut as well as Roisin, Keira and Claire!

I hope you enjoyed your extra 12 days of Christmas The GG remix challenge - all in order to make more santamental memories to take into 2022

You can put your feet up now and enjoy a mince pie or two.

I look forward to seeing you all in 2022!

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Kam Atwal went on a group run
Group run

And that’s a wrap…

Mon 29 Nov
Report written by Manjit Birk

Run into Christmas

Tonight was not a jog standard Group session, as our last one of the year we decided to get down to the track!

I dropped a sprint into the WhatsApp group earlier on today to give them an idea of what was coming ... luckily that didn't put anyone off track..

When you go to the track you see everything in race tinted glasses.. it looks pretty in its pink(ish) colour, it’s white lines and it’s bright lights! But don’t be fooled.. you will get some serious DOMS !

The team had two options today… a times based intervals session or a length based interval session… either way it was as easy as falling of a jog!

We all took the length based session.. a pyramid of ascending then descending spilts! Think sitting down tomorrow maybe a little tricky.

Elfing out

We also did a litter pick of the track seating area! Half a bag of rubbish was collected prior to the running fun starting! Just our little way of elfing out our local track!

Does my head look good in this?

Did I mention we were all wearing festive gear! We must of looked like very serious runners tonight with our Santa hats on! And we had mince pies! Thank you Jen for those..

Over and out

Thank you to Ruth; Sutyee; Jen and Kam for making it to the final session of the year... it sounds strange to be wishing everyone Christmas wishes in November... however, I wanted to take some time out in December hence this early finish.

Really looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings for us.

Wishing you all a wonderful festive break xx

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Group run

Track-tastic session

Mon 29 Nov 18:45 pm
From your home, Any city, Any postcode
Improve fitness and the environment

So here it is… our last group run of 2021!

santa hats are mandatory

As a little treat we will head down to the Thames Valley Athletics Track and do a fitness session there followed by a litter pick of the surrounding area.

As this is not a public track we do have to pay for it. It’s £5.10 to use it (payable directly to the center on arrival)

I’ve made it a 6:45pm arrival to give those of you further out a chance to get there but arrival by 7pm is totally fine. The address is Thames Valley Athletics Centre, Pococks Lane, Eton, SL4 6HN

Please sign up if you are coming as I need to let them know the numbers - thank you

We will resume group runs on Monday 3rd January 2022!

We do have community missions listed for December- please check those out

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Kam Atwal went on a group run
Group run

Think I better leaf right now before I fall any deeper

Mon 15 Nov
Report written by Manjit Birk

Great to be back out running a longer distance to a task. Tonight we decided to meet up at Sainsburys and after our task brief and warm up we ran 3.5km out through town to Parvaaz.

Could not be-leaf my eyes

The task was to do some leaf clearance from the front and back gardens. When I say 'some' I mean a lot!

Great to have Ricky back... as the 'tools' man he was straight on the leaf blower creating little piles. It sucks using equipment!

Jean was raking it in.. if only leaves were money... but sadly money doesnt grow on trees! (but leaves do!)

Kam was also back tonight after a little break - I always be-leafed she would come back!

Sutyee was on bag duty. We kept thinking.. 'this is the last bag' then low and behold another piles of leaves was found!

Forty minutes in we had collected 12 bags of leaves! Can you beleaf it!

Always enjoy our Parvaaz tasks. We will be back there on 3rd January!

Next week our task is in Salt Hill Park.

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Group run

Garden tidy up

Mon 15 Nov 18:30 pm
Sainsbury's , Uxbridge Rd, Slough, SL1 1SU
Improve the environment

We will be back at the Northampton Ave, Parvaaz location this week to help to pick up leaves, litter and a general garden maintenance.

Our meet up point will be Sainsbury's on the Uxbridge Rd and we will run 2 miles down to the task location. This is a longer run session than normal, so if you'd prefer to meet us at midway point you can do - just message me and I'll tell you where to meet.

Please bring your running lights and gardening gloves

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Training session

12km’s of Christmas

Sun 12 Dec 17:20 pm
From your home, Any city, Any postcode
Get fit

We know December can be a bleh month so this little training session is aimed to keep you motivated at the end of another tough year..

This challenge starts on December 1st and ends on December 12th

There are 12km to choose from

1km, 2km, 3km, 4km all the way to 12km

The aim is that you run or walk your chosen km everyday from 1st till 12th December

You can pair up with another GGer or family/friend and split your km’s with them

Eg.. if I chose 12km and dragged Nisha into doing this challenge with me we can do 6km each day or one day I do 10km and she does 2km and so on… each pair can decide their split between them as long as they do their total km’s each day

So if you are keen to get involved sign up and let me know your chosen km number

You know I need photos!! So don’t forget to send me them via WhatsApp or email

Happy training 😊

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Kam Atwal went on a group run
Group run

Always allot to do…

Mon 20 Sep
Report written by Manjit Birk

Back into the root-ine

A lovely evening at the allotments. This task has been a firm favourite for a while, maybe due to the open space or the essence behind the task or maybe because we just like killing weeds!

We met at The King Wexham for the task brief, warm up and gentle run down to the allotments.

Great to have Simmi and Dr join us on their first GoodGym session tonight!

With Sandy joining us again after her little break it was great to run down the streets of Slough in the Red T's again in a larger group and back to our Monday night root-ine!

Matter of thyme

A short while later we were at the allotments and having the keys to lettuce selves in is so mulch easier these days.

So in a jiffy we had the tools out and were ready to turnover plots 1 and 2. We knew it would be a matter of thyme before the weeds came back! But the soil, albeit dry was relatively easy to turn over and made the task easier.

We hope that soon our lovely task owner will have some pre or post natal ladies to start sowing the seeds and helping the plants blossom.

Really? A Relay!

With proper attire this time by one member... naming no names! We decided to do a 100 meter relay as the first part of our fitness session.

To welcome our new participants we made them team leaders as Team A and Team B battled to win. I cant actually remember who won! Everyones a winner in my eyes (such a mum thing to say hahah!)

Put your best foot forward

As if the relay wasn't enough, we then did my round the world leg strengthening exercises! A few oo's and aah's means we were working those muscles... we then headed back up the road to our start point.

Thank you for coming along this evening! Next week we are meeting at Baylis Park for a task in Manor Park area.

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Group run

Night at the allotments)

Mon 20 Sep 18:15 pm
Shaggy Calf Lane , Slough, SL2 5HS
Improve the environment

Another session at the allotments. Always plenty to do here as those weeds just keep growing!

This session is always a taxing one in terms of physical activity as we use a lot of full body strength to turn over the soil! We will be running or walking to the allotments as well to add in your cardio element to your fitness workout.

The meet up point will be top end of Shaggy Calf Lane, near Wexham Rd - Meet outside King Wexham pub.

Please do not park inside the pub car park as you will get a ticket

We will then run down Shaggy Calf Lane and then into Stoke Rd. The distance each way will be 1.5km.

The task will be to turn over the plots that we have already been maintaining for Seb and Sarah.

On route back we will do a mini fitness session.

Please bring your own gardening gloves

Reminder - not to share tools whilst doing the task.

There are no bag drop or toilet facilities available. So please come ready to run.

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