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12 Goodgymers helped their local community in Chelmsford
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Wednesday 16th December 2020

Report written by Chelmsford runner

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This, like most 2020 Social Distancing events, our Chelmsford GoodGym Christmas party went online this year. Thanks to the magic of Zoom Conferencing there was no need for a Face Mask, I’m sure Matt Hancock would approve. Whilst we waited for everyone to join, David had been Stock Piling some charades which we played!! I had clearly forgotten you shouldn’t talk when whilst playing. Thankfully Fay was like a seasoned pro, saving peoples blushes and making outstanding guesses from some rather dodgy mimes.

Once everyone had joined the call, David's excellent quiz began (and I mean excellent, pub landlords everywhere would have been proud!!). The first round was a very tough ‘General Knowledge’ round. Jenny stormed into an early lead thanks to her encyclopaedic knowledge of Christmas films getting 9/10 in the second round; ‘Where is Santa From?’ Only let down by having not watched classic Christmas horror ‘Silent Night’.

Most of us struggled on the ‘Whose Xmas Tree is This?’ round; picking which celebrity each Christmas tree belonged to, even with it being multiple choice it was a struggle, who would have guessed Britney Spears home would look like that! Andy had to depart for another pressing engagement half way through but luckily Rich joined in to say hi and conveniently took his place, well timed Rich.

The fourth round was ‘2020’ consisting of anagrams of various things that were popular in 2020 and remembering some famous faces who have unfortunately, and some rather untimely, left us this year; Chadwick Boseman, Maradona, Kirk Douglas, Sean Connary and Kobe Bryant. The last round was my favourite; ‘Real or False’, guessing which of the presents David had received for Christmases gone by. The highlights for me included the drainpipe(?!) and Only Fools and Horses dressing gown. Lovely Jubbly!!

The scores were totted up whilst we played more charades, it was a two horse race with only half a point in it… Had Jenny kept up her early quiz pace……

The short answer is no. Laurie had managed to claw her way back was declared the winner! Well done Laurie!!!!

Thanks for a wonderful quiz David, it really was outstanding! Everyone should definitely go and give you lot of Christmas Cheers!!!!

EDIT - I can't let it go without saying - a big and well deserved 'well done' to our amazing area activator Russell! Took on the reigns in a trying time and is smashing it so far. A unanimous and worthy winner who gets his name on the coveted 'Goodgymer of the year' trophy!

And lastly I hope you all have a wonderful a Christmas as you can have during what has been a strange and difficult year. See you all in the New Year! Roll on 2021!!!!

Session Leader
Laurie Glendinning
Rachel McK
Rich Walker
David Chatterjee
Jenny King
Fay Downing
Catherine Offord
Leanne Body
Adam Hellard
Andy Holmes
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Helping support a local church.

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