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Jenny King
Jenny King signed up to a group run.

Wed 28th Feb at 6:30pm

Painting at The Art Place

Freshening up a community space

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Jenny King
Jenny King went on a group run

Wed 14th Feb at 6:30pm

Sending out love letters (leaflets) to the people of Chelmsford

Chelmsford Report written by Rich Walker

A warm Wednesday evening we met at our usual meeting place before skipping down the high street to meet Fay with a bag full of leaflets ready to be delivered to the good people of Moulsham.

While we got stuck into the task, conversation turned to food ( as per usual with me ) and any plans we might have for valentines day. Jenny won, as she told us that her husband was cooking them a steak dinner and we all agreed we would be round later to join them. And judging by the photo she married well. #Welljeal lol

Having posted all of our leaflets we posed for a photo and headed back before saying goodbye

Next week we will be litter picking along the Springfield basin

See you all next week

Run Happy


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Martin Roberts

Fri 16th Feb at 10:52am

I'm excited!

Jenny King
Jenny King signed up to a group run.

Wed 14th Feb at 6:30pm

Leaflet Drop!

Letting the local community know about initiatives in their area

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Fay Downing