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May Monthly Challenge - find all the GoodGym letters
🗓Sunday 26th May 10:00am

📍Anglia Ruskin University CM1 1SQ

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Sun 26th May at 10:00am

Laurie Glendinning
Fay Downing
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Wed 29th May at 6:30pm

A task at Broomfield Church

Helping support a local church.

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Sallyann Jeffrey
Fay Downing
Fay Downing went on a group run

Wed 15th May at 6:30pm

Bakes and ladders

Chelmsford Report written by Laurie Glendinning

After Fay and Sallyann set off walking to the task, the rest of us did a brief slow warm up and set off on a short route to Chelmsford CVS, collecting one more runner on our way.

Our host Sally showed us the wall that needed painting, which was a slightly greyish-white. Richard and Ben started off with a bit of cleaning, whilst everyone else got out the rollers, trays and brushes to paint. As ever, the group sped through the painting, leaving only the highest parts of the wall until the end. Fay made a start with the tall ladder, but decided against it, whilst of course it didn't phase Richard, and Joel braved the smaller step ladder.

As ever, the longest part of the painting task was the washing up. We witnessed different levels of attention, with Russell's brush and tray almost immaculate, and Erin's roller and tray still pretty painty. We finally posed for a photo with the very fresh white wall; Erin's eyes were characteristically shut, and Ben was very serious, perhaps because he got white paint on his lovely clean GoodGym shirt.

David turned up right at the end, didn't do any washing up, joined us in eating the biscuits kindly provided by our host, but did redeem himself by bringing brownies for those of us who made it back to ARU. They were all gone so quickly (even the one I took home) that I have no photographic evidence.

In case you missed it - we've started planning for Sallyann's celebratory meal at San in June. Thanks to all who've contributed to the poll, date to be confirmed soon.

See you all next time,


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Sallyann Jeffrey
Fay Downing
Fay Downing went on a community mission

Sat 11th May at 8:30am

The tale of two breakfasts

Chelmsford Report written by David Chatterjee

We headed out into the misty morning to do our semi-frequent volunteer at Parkrun. When we arrived, welcoming Chris back, some of us gushed over the incredible northern lights we saw last night, others over the rum and coke/ star wars marathon (Angela). Fay was incredulous that Martin had chosen to keep his legs covered up for once.

We headed out to our assigned tasks, with me being sad that Paul didn't fall off the bike, although not sure I know how to ride one still anyway, and went to cheer on the runners. We all completed our tasks with aplomb - special shoutout to Laura making her Parkrun debut.

Heading to the traditional Spoons for brekky, Andy and Martin leapt at the chance of a second breakfast, with Andy moaning he was forced into ordering toast by....himself.

Good work, have a nice weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

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Sallyann Jeffrey
Fay Downing
Fay Downing went on a group run

Wed 8th May at 6:30pm

GG Chelmsford scrubs up well

Chelmsford Report written by Laurie Glendinning

After a brief discussion on the best way to Beaulieu Community Centre, we set off with Joel leading out in the sunshine. We mostly worked it out along the way, apart from some confusion over what sort of looked like a path, but felt more like an uneven grass verge next to a busy road.

We found Fay and Sallyann with cloths and buckets in hand, so the rest of the group picked up sponges and cloths to clean every possible surface in the Heath Room, ahead of the Centre's open day this Sunday.

David went straight in whilst everyone else loitered for a short period, but his work clearly wasn't evident as the window he cleaned first was cleaned at least twice more by other members of the group.

Best use was made of Andy's and Joe's heights, by asking them to clean the tops of windows, whilst Martin and Nisar took the two sponges and did a great job of cleaning up the marked walls.

I spotted a couple of cobwebs on the ceiling, so suggested Rich and Joe give them a good swipe with their cloths, which ended up more of a posing opportunity for Rich than actual cleaning (followed by another posing opportunity with David and a dustpan and broom).

We finished with a lovely group photo, and then thought we were leaving Fay and Sallyann to walk home. Much to our dismay (mostly Andy, David, and Rich) they popped around the corner for chips on the way, whilst the rest of us were at Andy's mercy for his choice of the running route back.

We didn't let it dampen our spirits too much, and we took a celebratory photo with Nisar in his lovely new red t-shirt, before heading home for our less fun dinners than Fay and Sallyann had.

Great work everyone! Let's hope we get invited back to Beaulieu Community Centre for more tasks.

See some of you at parkrun on Saturday for volunteering, and the rest of you on a run soon.


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Sallyann Jeffrey
Fay Downing
Fay Downing signed up to a party.

Thu 18th Jul at 5:00pm

Sallyann Jeffrey
Fay Downing
Fay Downing signed up to a party.

Sun 2nd Jun at 7:00pm

Fay Downing
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Sun 5th May at 7:00pm

Fay Downing
Fay Downing went on a group run

Wed 1st May at 6:30pm

More than just a trophy wife

Chelmsford Report written by David Chatterjee

Oh it is lovely not to need jumpers while we do good! As we met it was great to see Fay pull up, selecting the hardest space to park in, and whip out our certificate and trophy which we won from beating the streets of Chelmsford! We posed and Martin eyed the prize Sallyann cradled and practiced drinking wine from, while Nisar was unsure why we were all so happy!

We headed off on route on a lovely jaunt through the park laughing at Joe's poor choice of french car and Andy wondered where in Writtle campus the secret new activity will be. Seeing Rich trying to steal the trophy we sped to meet him. Dividing up the leaflets we delivered them around old moulsham with aplomb and chatting about the eagerly anticipated police, fire and crime commissioner elections tomorrow. Great work to help out Mind, Sanctus and Headway charities everyone.

When we ran out we said our goodbyes to some and ran back, bumping into Richard E on the way. Casually walking down the street holding a pint going to put his bins out. Joel was incredibly jealous and inspired. Legend. We stopped for a photo at a restaurant which expressed one of our favourite sayings at GoodGym, 'Oh Rich' and ran back. Erin left us in her dust, inspired by a full bladder.

Don't forget - pub quiz this Sunday. New Beaulieu task at some point this month, and Andy's 250th Parkrun this weekend!!

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Sallyann Jeffrey