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A task at Broomfield Church
🗓Wednesday 6:30pm

📍The Old Factory CM1 1UE

Helping support a local church.

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Andy Holmes
Andy Holmes went on a group run

Wed 17th Apr at 6:30pm

Castaway cider cans and cake celebrations

Chelmsford Report written by Laurie Glendinning

The surprisingly cold evening didn't stop David and Martin from optimistically turning up in shorts, whilst the rest of us sensibly covered our legs for an hour of litter picking.

We were pleased to see Nisar back after a break, talk about parkrun, and hear all about his other great volunteering work recently! Russell also returned after a short break and of course he and Andy talked at length, with Disneyland on this week's agenda for them. Martin casually slipped into conversation that he'd run a marathon in Colchester at the weekend, and spotted an unknown Goodgymer.

We tried out a different litter picking location down by the river, and whilst being stared down by an understandably angry swan, filled up two very heavy bags. Andy ventured into the bushes and produced an almost unbelievable amount of Tesco cider cans, followed by posing for a photo with a gleeful wine glass holding Sallyann.

Our task this evening couldn't go past without mention of some of the group's previous love, Beat the Street, or without a photo of a once frequented lamppost on Waterloo Lane.

With it being Fay's birthday tomorrow, she very kindly brought us delicious homemade lemon drizzle cake, thanks Fay! It's also Sallyann's birthday on Saturday, David's birthday on Monday, and it's just been Nisar's birthday. We funnily enough didn't discuss gifts, but plans for birthday food, including Moto, homemade pizza, fish and chips, and Chinese takeaway. Hope everyone enjoys!

Thanks for a great litter pick, and see you all soon.


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Andy Holmes
Andy Holmes signed up to a group run.

Wed 24th Apr at 6:30pm

A task at Broomfield Church

Helping support a local church.

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Andy Holmes
Andy Holmes signed up to a group run.

Wed 17th Apr at 6:30pm

Litter Pick!

Keeping the area tidy

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Andy Holmes
Andy Holmes went on a group run

Wed 10th Apr at 6:30pm

Kissing boxes in the park

Chelmsford Report written by Laurie Glendinning

This week's task was something a bit different for us - we gathered donations from Chelmsford Foodbank's wanted list, and made our way there to deliver the donations.

We met at Lidl, and started to get a bit concerned about our final attempt at Beat the Street as the minutes ticked by without Fay and Sallyann. We couldn't take it any longer, so Rich waited behind with some of the goods we didn't fancy carrying, and the rest of us set off at speed to get six beat boxes in less than 30 minutes.

The route out was slightly more uphill than anticipated, possibly the hardest work Martin has ever done at GoodGym.

Rich caught us up pretty quickly, and he and Andy expertly guided us through the streets of Moulsham, reminiscing about their childhoods. Andy also pointed out the first house he bought, for not much more than the current average UK salary.

We made it to our last Beat Box in Chelmer Park with about 2 minutes to spare, and whilst constantly refreshing the leaderboard we realised that we'd just been overtaken on total points. It didn't stop Martin from giving that last beat box a kiss though. Despite coming first on average points and second on total points for our category, we miserably walked to the foodbank, with David blaming anyone and everyone for only being in second place; only Sallyann's name was left untarnished.

We dropped off our donations, apart from Joel, spotted Sallyann's fizz treat for the Lidl car park, did some more blaming, and then made our way back. Most of us went to Rok Kitchen afterwards for some well deserved fried chicken, and I think we'll be back there soon enough.

Well done everyone for a tough run, and for getting us two prizes!

Extra well done to Jenny for coming with us on a winding Beat the Street run, and without the Rok Kitchen at the end!

See you all soon,


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