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14 Goodgymers helped their local community in Hounslow
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Wednesday 12th July 2023

Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

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It was a great start to the group run last night as we got to welcome some lovely familiar faces we hadn't seen in a bit and there was also some GG touristing, which we always love!

Our job for the evening was back at Cultivate, helping this local community organisation in their epic task of moving location.

We divided ourselves into two groups, one to tackle the huge job of dismantling the polytunnel, the other to shift masses of plants to create space for a temporary gazebo. It soon transpired that both teams had some challenges to face!

While team Polytunnel had the satisfying job of cutting away the massive plastic covering, they also had to contend with some rusty and temperamental screws. However, Jonny was not to be defeated and put all his energy into bringing down the pole in question. After a good twenty minutes of elbow grease and persuasion, he was victorious.

Meanwhile, team plant shifting was trying to figure out the logistics of shuffling hundreds of pots and creating a space in a horticultural tetris style endeavour. Jo, Eloise, Alanna and Georgia quickly set about trying to fit in as many pots as possible while avoiding the rampant nettles. It was a physical and mental challenge that also involved convincing some huge and very stubborn trees out of their containers, but Alan, Divya and Florian were not going to take no for an answer.

Well done everybody, another night of using our time and energy to help out, and having fun while we were at it! Next Wednesday there is a community mission for our regular visit to Chiswick House. Good luck to Paul in getting closer still to his parkrun alphabet completion, and to everybody that did the Asics 10k last week. Have a great week, GG!

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Alan Armstrong
Georgia Ford
Eloise Carey
Anastasia Hancock
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