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West Ealing Community Library's back room needs a lick of paint - Part 3
🗓Saturday 20th July 10:30am

📍West Ealing Community Library W13 9BT

It will create an inviting area for people to use for a variety of things from film clubs, rehearsal space, meetings to VR experiences

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Sat 20th Jul at 10:30am

West Ealing Community Library's back room needs a lick of paint - Part 3

It will create an inviting area for people to use for a variety of things from film clubs, rehearsal space, meetings to VR experiences

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Tue 23rd Jul at 8:15pm

Taskforce Catch Up: July 2024

A quarterly Taskforce catchup to discuss how we're doing in Ealing and what to improve

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Madhan signed up to a party.

Tue 2nd Jul at 8:15pm

Save the date: Social at Boom - Goodgym Ealing

Come join your fellow goodgymmers for a few games of bowling and a catch up after the task

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Madhan went on a group run

Tue 25th Jun at 6:45pm

To bee or not to bee

Ealing Report written by Kash

That is the question. At today's evening task, we contemplated the life and death of a hedge. Bee Coop from Northfield Allotments invited us to clear space around a tree to build a dead hedge - Frankenstein's monster among the hedges. The structure erected from lifeless branches was to give a new life - to an entire metropolis of insects!

One of our GoodGym teammates, Clare, was an insider at the Bee Coop and welcomed us to the plot and introduced us to the other beekeepers: Chloe and Kathy, the boss of tonight's task. At the back of the plot, we noticed the beehives behind the green netting.

Safety briefing ⛑️

"The bees should be calm at this time of the day, but be careful.
Do not lean on the green netting.
Do not touch the green netting.
Do not throw anything behind the green netting"
- Clare

"Do not look at the green netting.
Do not speak about the green netting"
- Kathy

Despite the fight club rules, some of us brought sharp blades to a fistfight - we could see you with that saw, Steph! 😱 Others sneaked in loppers and secateurs. With so many people in a small space with pointy branches, twigs and tools, we managed to - thanks to our excellent health and safety standards - not hurt anyone, except for the branches, which Ijo, Sevan, Madhan and Steph cut down into smaller pieces.

After Kash removed the nettles and weeds from the hedge construction site, Claire, Clare and Divya erected poles to support the structure, and then started laying foundations using thick logs. On top of those landed big branches, then smaller branches, followed by the tiniest twigs. In less than an hour, the hedge was ready to serve as home to the new generation of bugs to improve biodiversity in the area.

Luckily, no one got stung today - at least not by the bees! Claire and Kash couldn't say the same about nettles. We didn't taste any honey this evening, but Clare and Claire prepared another sweet surprise - birthday cupcakes for Madhan! Happy birthday! 🎂

We finished the task with a tour around the allotment, featuring attractions such as:

A big thank you to Madhan and Clare for organising today's task! 🤩

Next week we are helping Walpole Park tackle the bramble issue - sign up now! Oh, and look out for the social next week after the task 👀 it's coming soon!


No Ealing bees have been smuggled to Hammersmith on a bike.

...Or were they?

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Alan Armstrong
Madhan went on a community mission

Sat 22nd Jun at 9:30am

Experience is the Best Train-er

Ealing Report written by Sevan

Today was another opportunity to play with All Aboard Club's giant train set for Madhan and Sevan. All Aboard Club had 2 first timer volunteers too, which led Richard, the task owner, to say that Sevan was the most experienced volunteer and could guide the others in building an awesome track layout. gulp 😅

The group started slowly, getting to grips with building the track, then by half way through it was full speed ahead, with each of their islands being joined together to make a layout that spread all around the room.

"I'm here for All Aboard Club"

...said someone who poked their head through the door. The group hoped that it was one of the missing volunteers, but it was actually a parent who was very early.

Soon, Richard announced that there were only 10 minutes to go. Time to start tying up all the loose ends of track, grafting them into the existing layout. Almost everyone tried to simplify, except for one person whose track was branching out instead. That was sorted just in time for the first child to arrive.

"Look, there's a giant house!" - first child

The first child in stepped right over the train track and went to the wooden play house at the back of the room and completely ignored the 1 hour art installation. That wasn't the reaction that was expected. Richard said that that wasn't unusual and the train set would grab their interest soon enough.

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MadhanSevanHarvey GallagherKash

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Richard Semmens

Sun 23rd Jun at 1:26pm

Thanks again for your help. The children really enjoyed the train track 🚂🚃🚃

Madhan signed up to a community mission.

Sat 22nd Jun at 9:30am

Madhan signed up to a group run.

Tue 25th Jun at 6:45pm

KashStephDucatAnastasia Hancock
Madhan went on a community mission

Sat 8th Jun at 10:30am

High Lo, High Lo, It's Off To Work We Go

Ealing Report written by Madhan

It's part 2 of the painting task and the same team assembled like the previous one. We had two more GoodGymers joined this time. Nishy ran from Hanwell and Alaa joined us for her first GoodGym task.

Welcome to GoodGym Ealing, Alaa

We didn't have a problem wearing the aprons as we had experience from last time. Mandie got us some watermelons, pineapples, and water bottles to keep us refreshed. It was getting warm after some time.

Kash, Nishy, and I used the big rollers and went up and down whereas Claire, Clare, and Sevan focussed on touchup using small brushes. Tbh using the small brushes was a niche work and required more effort and care. This time we got a ladder and Claire was covering the top of the walls for some time. It was Alaa's first painting task. She took regular rollers and covered the area near the windows.

We got lost in time and it was almost noon. We then wrapped up and Claire owned the cleaning up like last time. Sevan was busy finishing up his artwork and was going at it till the last minute. We had some bites of watermelon before the team dispersed.

So if you feel like you missed this one don't worry as we will be coming back for another painting session sometime end of this month or next month.

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StephDucatSevanMadhanHarvey Gallagher

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Sat 8th Jun at 11:54pm

Thank you for leading a fun and rewarding session Madhan! Welcome Alaa! 😊


Sun 9th Jun at 12:07pm

It was great working with you guys! Thanks for the warm welcome! :)

Madhan went on a community mission

Mon 27th May at 6:00pm

Who can fold the cardboard box and bin it quicker?

Ealing Report written by Madhan

On the bank holiday Monday, the soup kitchen was not as busy as usual. The guests were arriving at regular intervals. We were low on clothes in the Men's section, so most of them couldn't find what they were expecting.

Steph and Emma took the counter and distributed food. Divya had to do some food delivery from the kitchen to the front desk before taking the role from Emma.

We had a new joiner from Ealing for this task. Lehana was in the Women's section.

We closed rather earlier than usual and by 7:40 all tables were folded and the kitchen was cleaned far earlier at 7:00 pm.

21 boxes of tuna pasta and veg pasta were left when we closed which was collected as usual by one of the regular guests.

Steph, Divya, and I went to the Irish pub nearby and had a small social amongst ourselves.

The challenge

As we were wrapping up, Emma wanted to test the fitness of GoodGym members. The task was to fold the cardboard box and put it inside the bin bag. There were only two cardboards so Steph and Divya participated.

Divya stomped the cardboard and shoved it inside the bag a few seconds before Steph could do it.

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