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GG Southwark supports the Hamlets [International Transgender Day of Visibility]
🗓Friday 31st March 6:45pm

📍Champion Hill SE22 8BD

Support your local team in this charity match to raise awareness for trans rights

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Jonathan (he/him) went on a group run

Wed 22nd Mar at 6:30pm

Logging another good deed

Hounslow Report written by Anastasia Hancock (she/her)

Last night we had been looking forward to our next step helping create a learning area at Cavendish School but sadly the delivery of the aquatic plants we had been due to put in was delayed. However, when we got there and saw there was still several feet of murky water in the pond we were slightly less disappointed!

We have been making regular visits to the school and the area has slowly changed from an unsafe, overgrown tangle into a nice, clear garden with several new habitats for animals.

An ongoing battle has been with the blackthorn which, if left to its own devices, will take over the space and leave little room for all the big plans of the volunteer group. So while the team got on with pulling up the thorny, persistent shoots, several others got busy transporting logs from outside the garden into a corner by the pond to create a habitat for amphibians and reptiles. In the past we have seen several newts dotting about the place, and this will help create a safe and warm home for them going forward.

After making good progress we ran back to Turnham Green where we undertook a fitness challenge. The idea is that we had the A team and the B team and two different sets of exercises. The job of one team was to beat the number of reps each time, while their partner cheered them on. It was great to see the energy and effort being shown and the power of positive motivation was more than evident!

Next week we'll probably be planting bulbs but I'm just waiting for final confirmation - so watch this space!

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Emily OldfieldSevanBethan CritchleyHarvey GallagherSam LefevreKash
Jonathan (he/him) went on a group run

Tue 21st Mar at 6:30pm

Tippy Tapp, the old equipment is going back (in a box)

Hammersmith and Fulham Report written by Jonathan (he/him)

We made short work of dismantling part of the now redundant computer room at the local primary school. With the advent of more laptops at schools these rooms are now redundant.

Its official, at 28 I have now been made to feel old.

Thanks to Biscuits and Analiese for coming, always wonderful having you!

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Amy LovellHarvey Gallagher
MichelleDave Clarke
Jonathan (he/him) signed up to a group run.

Wed 22nd Mar at 6:30pm

Putting in aquatic plants

at Cavendish school nature learning space

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Amy Lovell
Jonathan (he/him) run their first marathon: 26.2 Miles. 🥇

Sunday 19th March

Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe

Jonathan (he/him) run their first marathon: 26.2 Miles.

Jonathan has run their first marathon. This means dedicated training, consistent effort and a lot of support. There's always some pain, always some stress, and always some questioning of what life is all about when your take on something as hard as a Marathon. Your support has has helped make this possible, now the hard work is over, give Jonathan a pat on the back.

Harvey GallagherSevan
MichelleSam Lefevre

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Amy Lovell
Amy Lovell (she/her)

Mon 20th Mar at 9:30am

Well done!! Awesome! x

Jonathan (he/him) went on a group run

Tue 14th Mar at 6:30pm

The three baggateers!

Hammersmith and Fulham Report written by Jonathan (he/him)

We were back alongside the Crabtree, who surely must be grateful that the area below their pub gets regularly swept for litter. I've been told that previously they offered pints to us for all our efforts and I think this is something that should start up again!

I joke of course, the main impact is that we tidy, even if its a small bit, bits of plastic and litter that otherwise would choke the river.

Congratulations as well to Olena on attending her first ever Goodgym group run! Were happy to have you :)

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Emily OldfieldSevanSam Lefevre
Amy LovellHarvey Gallagher
Jonathan (he/him) signed up to a group run.

Tue 14th Mar at 6:30pm

Emily OldfieldAmy Lovell