9 Goodgymers helped their local community in Coventry
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Tuesday 30th January

Report written by Laura Denham

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9 goodgymers walked and ran to Clothing Coventry. With the majority of the group walking this evening, with Laura leading, it left Maddie, Georgia and Laura to run over.

We welcomed back Megan and Natasha, it was lovely to see you again and thanks for getting stuck in!

We transferred a mountain of shoes from warehouse 1 to warehouse 2. Pouring the bags of shoes onto the floor we found ourselves surrounded by a sea of soles. Our brave Goodgymers were determined to bring order to the unruly footwear flood, grouping the pairs into sizes and bagging up ready to add to crates in the other warehouse.

James, Steve and Laura remained in warehouse 1 with James and Steve upstairs moving and sorting crates of shoes and Laura keeping guard downstairs sorting clothes.

The team made light work of the task which would have taken Jo a heck of a long time on her own. Shoeper duper work everyone!

Making our way back to base the walking group escorted Jo to the pool meadow while the runners took a detour to try and meet at Cov boys and girls club at the same time. The walkers were way too speedy for us and were already getting in their cars by the time we arrived back so we quickly cooled down and said our farewells.

Next week, plogging and jogging along the canal! see you there :)

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Harmony Haven - garden revival
🗓Tuesday 30th April 6:15pm

Provide secluded outdoor space for users of the centre

Natasha FrazerStuart ColesDale Vernon
Maddie Lee
9 GoodGymers are going - 1 space left! 👀

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