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Supporting Food Union with their Allotment
šŸ—“Tuesday 6:15pm

šŸ“Starley Gardens (Coventry Uni campus) CV1 5PH

Improving access to food

Graeme Papa Strumpf Mulvaney
Dale VernonJamesJackie Dines
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Jackie Dines
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Tue 16th Apr at 6:15pm

Jackie Dines
Jackie Dines went on a group run

Tue 9th Apr at 6:15pm

If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the stain

Coventry Report written by Laura Denham

With a double session tonight, a dynamic team of 10 goodgymers took on 2 tasks. Five headed to Clothing Coventry while the other five took on Bevan Court.

Georgia and Laura D kicked off at Starley gardens with a warm up and then dashed to Bevan Court. After just missing a massive downpour we enjoyed a sunny jog to join the rest. We bumped into Greame on the way who joined the run with us, what a trooper after his marathon on Sunday!

James and Jackie were already there when we arrived and we were all led outside where a number of benches and a table were ready for staining. We cracked on with the job armed with brushes and a couple of paint tins. The weather was all over the place and the heavens opened again, risking the stain washing off but that didn't stop us! We powered through finishing in record time and ending with a rainbow.

Well done everyone, we might need a revisit but guess they will have to see what they look like tomorrow, fingers crossed for a dry night!

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Jackie Dines
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Tue 9th Apr at 6:15pm

Bevan Court Garden Restoration

The garden is well used by our Residents and this will enable them to continue to socialise outside and sit and enjoy their outdoor space.

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Jackie Dines
Jackie Dines went on a group run

Tue 20th Feb at 6:15pm

(Leaf)lets get together and feel alright

Coventry Report written by Laura Denham

8 Goodgymers made it out for Myton tonight to deliver leaflets, advertising 2 Myton events going on this year.

5 of us met at Coventry Boys and Girls club then took a steady jog over to Spencer Park where we met 3 more of the group who made their own way there. We split into 2 group to try and cover more ground and ventured around the streets of Earlsdon dropping leaflets and checking out the handsome doors along the way. The pile went down quickly and we managed to shift 513 leaflets in 55 minutes, nice one gang!

On the way back into town we managed some fartlek training between the trees and then a meet and retreat around Greyfriars Green. Following that we took a slow run back to CBGC.

Shout out to James for his 50 good deeds tonight, you can now claim your black belt in Goodgyming :)

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Laura Denham
Jackie Dines
Jackie Dines signed up to a group run.

Tue 20th Feb at 6:15pm

Leaflet delivering for Myton

Join us to do good in Coventry and get fit

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Laura Denham