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Paint no sunshine…

Tuesday 9th April

Written by Laura P (she/her)

Five Goodgymers walked to Clothing Coventry this evening, but not for the usual sorting and sizing tasks! This week we put on our least favourite running leggings and shoes for a painting task! In preparation for a new member of staff starting soon, our task was to give the office space a fresh lick of white paint. Armed with sandpaper, rollers and brushes, we quickly got to work on painting and had soon given the room a first coat, although it looks like it will need at least one more coat before it is ready to be used as an office again. We will be back soon to finish the job!

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Shoe-per Duper

Tuesday 13th February

Written by Lilian

**On a very wet February evening, 11 intrepid goodgymers walked and ran to support Clothing Coventry. **

Unperturbed by rain, which thankfully began to dry up once we'd done introductions and a warm up, we set off on the short journey to Clothing Coventry. We had lots of walkers tonight Laura so led this group whilst Lil did the warm up for those running. Once we arrived at the warehouse we got into smaller groups for the various tasks. Some set to tidying and sorting whilst others made light work of assembling some shelving. When this was completed, we had the fun task of filling the new racks with a fantastic assortment of shoes that people will be able to select for themselves. We also did several trips up and down the stairs with stock and to the adjacent warehouse which proved a great way to inject some fitness into the task.

Tonight we also welcomed Tom to his first session, and Beverley to her first Tuesday night session.

Top work everyone, we look forward to seeing you at future sessions too.

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Tuesday 30th January

Written by Laura Denham

9 goodgymers walked and ran to Clothing Coventry. With the majority of the group walking this evening, with Laura leading, it left Maddie, Georgia and Laura to run over.

We welcomed back Megan and Natasha, it was lovely to see you again and thanks for getting stuck in!

We transferred a mountain of shoes from warehouse 1 to warehouse 2. Pouring the bags of shoes onto the floor we found ourselves surrounded by a sea of soles. Our brave Goodgymers were determined to bring order to the unruly footwear flood, grouping the pairs into sizes and bagging up ready to add to crates in the other warehouse.

James, Steve and Laura remained in warehouse 1 with James and Steve upstairs moving and sorting crates of shoes and Laura keeping guard downstairs sorting clothes.

The team made light work of the task which would have taken Jo a heck of a long time on her own. Shoeper duper work everyone!

Making our way back to base the walking group escorted Jo to the pool meadow while the runners took a detour to try and meet at Cov boys and girls club at the same time. The walkers were way too speedy for us and were already getting in their cars by the time we arrived back so we quickly cooled down and said our farewells.

Next week, plogging and jogging along the canal! see you there :)

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We're on the case

Tuesday 9th January

Written by Laura Denham

Brrrr that was a cold one! Given the bitter temperatures, it was a great turn out with a merry band of 10 GoodGymers to help out at Clothing Coventry.

Jackie and Sharon set off for a brisk walk while the rest of us tried to warm up quickly before on starting our run. We were looking forward to get going to heat up a bit as it really was the coldest its been all winter so far.

We arrived to discover that finally, the new warehouse has materialised and the great garment migration had commenced! It's located directly opposite the old warehouse, so only a short hop over the road. The aim is to use this bigger space for storage and the smaller one as a shop to make it a more pleasant experience for the customers.

The plan was to use the electric van to transport the majority of the clothing over. We started by emptying the van of the bags and cases, which were ready to deliver to hotels, and replaced this with items from the old warehouse to take to the new. Forming a human chain we passed the bags and sacks from inside to the van with Lil getting into the back of the van to drag the bags on board. We all grabbed what we could carry and then scurried across the road over to unload at the new location.

Once we arrived at the other side and unloaded, we then made our way back to repeat the process. We managed to do this 3 times and cleared a few shelves and rails from the original warehouse. The new premises is big but wow, it is filling up quick!

The team worked so well together and it all went seamlessly, we even had time to do a speed sort of the school wear before we left. We moved such a lot of stuff in a short space of time so well done everyone!

Clothing Coventry have a mammoth task ahead of them to get those warehouses sorted so we will be assisting them as much as we can with this and will be returning at the end of the month.

*i think your hat really suits me Lil 😂

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If you want to destroy my sweater, hold this thread as I walk away…

Tuesday 28th November 2023

Written by Laura P (she/her)

7 Goodgymers walked and ran to Clothing Coventry for another evening of epic sorting. This time around it was sorting a mountain of jumper donations into sizes so they are ready to be distributed, hopefully just in time for the cold snap! There were also lots of bags to be sorted into different sizes so they can be used for giving out bags of clothes to people who need them.

Nigel and James made light work of the bag sorting, whilst the rest of the group made a dent in the huge pile of jumpers, hopefully making the warehouse space more manageable for staff and volunteers to work around.

Bonus goodgym points if you know the song from the report title!

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Papas Got a Brand New Bag

Tuesday 14th November 2023

Written by Laura Denham

Tonight ten Goodgymers came ready to give a helping hand to Clothing Coventry. We welcomed back Susanne for one night only as she flies back to Germany this week - it was great to have you with us tonight!

We came loaded with donations and bags which Jackie, Nigel and Susanne walked ahead with, leaving the runners to warm up. Once we arrived, we gathered inside and the task owner, Jo, dished out the to do list. With the outside being a bit wet we remained inside this eve and squeezing into every nook and cranny, we sorted the piles that needed our attention including coats, mens clothes and shoes.

Once we were done Nigel and Jackie started on the walk back with Laura P joining to save her legs after a mammoth run on Saturday. They were followed by the rest of us who ran back to base for our cool down.

Thanks for all you efforts tonight everyone :) Hope to see you all next week!

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