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Graeme Papa Strumpf Mulvaney
Graeme Papa Strumpf Mulvaney went on a group run

Tue 19th Sep at 6:15pm

Mind the paint!

Coventry Report written by Laura Denham

9 Goodgymers gathered this evening for a visit to help Coventry Mind with renovating their outdoor space.

After chatting about our weekends and congratulating Greame on his marriage on Saturday :) we enjoyed a windy jog over to Coopers Lodge where Laura G, the task owner, was waiting for us. Joe walked and Mohammed cycled to meet us there.

The garden is such a lovely space with lots of potential however it has become a little overgrown and the sheds are looking a bit tired. Before the task owner had even finished explaining what jobs needed doing Greame was straight in with a tool scrapping the weeds from in between the paving slabs, loving the enthusiasm!

With a shed to paint and the weeding to do we split up to tackle the different jobs. Georgia, Joe, Mohammad, Chris and James made light work of painting the shed and even managed to paint the smaller one too. Greame, Matt and the trio of Laura's (Laura P, Laura G and Laura D) weeded, swept and raked the paving and flower beds making the area look much more pleasant.

With the nights now drawing in it was getting darker, so we cleared away the tools and made our way into the kitchen where the task owner had kindly left out some goodies for us.

We said goodbye to Joe and Mohammad who were cycling and walking home and then ran back to CBGC. With time for a fitness sessions we used the maze at Starley Gardens. Taking it in turns, ran around the maze while the rest of the group did an exercise of the runners choice.

Super work tonight all!

Shouts outs...

A big welcome to Chris and Matt on their first good deed. Love it that you already have the T-shirt Chris! Great to see you again Mohammad

Good luck to Joe who will be doing the memory walk for the Alzheimer's Society on Sunday and James who is volunteering for Myton this weekend.

More painting to be done next week at Coventry Boys and Girls club, hope to see you there!

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Graeme Papa Strumpf Mulvaney
Graeme Papa Strumpf Mulvaney signed up to a group run.

Tue 19th Sep at 6:15pm

Renovating outdoor space

Benefit service users mental health and well-being

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Laura Denham