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Supporting Kairos WWT with their garden project
🗓Tuesday 20th June 6:15pm

📍Coventry Boys and Girls Club CV1 2DS

Helping this women's charity with a revamp of their garden space

LilianLaura PLaura Denham
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Lilian signed up to a group run.

Tue 27th Jun at 6:15pm

Supporting Clothing Coventry

Helping everyone in Coventry have access to high quality clothing, regardless of their circumstances

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Amy L
Lilian signed up to a community mission.

Sat 27th May at 10:30am

Supporting Team Springboard at their allotment

Help Team Springboard provide support to young people

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Amy LJohn Shirley
Lilian went on a group run

Tue 23rd May at 6:15pm

Varnishing act!

Coventry Report written by Laura P (she/her)

On a warm May evening, 7 Coventry Goodgymers ran 2 km to St Mary and St Benedict school for some painting.

The two sheds in the playground, which are used to store outdoor toys, needed a little TLC. Our task for the evening was to sand and then varnish them so that they last a little longer and all the toys are kept dry inside. We made quick work of shed number 1 and just about had enough varnish for shed 2. After finishing our task we ran back to our start point, admiring the student degree show art work on display in Starley Gardens before having a good stretch!

It was great to see you all this week! Welcome to Georgia - we hope you enjoyed your first group run with GoodGym Coventry! Welcome back to Cheung for task number 2!

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Amy LJohn Shirley
Lilian signed up to a group run.

Tue 23rd May at 6:15pm

Amy L
Lilian went on a group run

Tue 16th May at 6:15pm

There is no 'I' in team but there is an 'Us' in Asparagus

Coventry Report written by Laura Denham

Very enjoyable night tonight with 2 new faces, a 5.5k run and a feel good session at the Food Union Allotments.

This evening, to accommodate tonights group, we had some members walking to the task, some running and some meeting us there. The walking group left slightly earlier to ensure we all arrived at around the same time.

At 6pm, Laura and Lil welcomed Louise who then set off with Lilian on a fast walk to Food Union. The runners, Allan, Deb, James, Laura and Laura met at the usual time of 6.15 where we greeted another newcomer, Cheung. After a warm up we also set off on our journey to the allotments. We were hoping to catch up with the walkers but they were super speedy and beat us there, meeting with Jackie and Lani at the gates.

When we had all arrived, the gates were still locked and at one point it was looking like we might have to turn around and go back. Thankfully, as there were a good few of us, we shouted the task owners name at the top of our voices and he appeared and let us in, phew!

It was the perfect evening for an allotment task, the task owner gave us a bit of an explanation of what they do at Food Union for the benefit of the new members and then he explained the tasks on the agenda. Half of the group started on weeding the asparagus bed and the other half were prepping the soil ready to plant some squash.

The team got straight to it and made quick work of getting the jobs done. Before we knew it, it was time to make our way back, the time went so quick and we could have all happily stayed longer. We had a group photo, said goodbye to Lil and Louise who were starting their walk back to base while the rest of us put the tools away. We said our goodbyes to Jackie and Lani who live close by and the rest of us ran back.

Good work tonight everyone and a big warm welcome to Louise and Hesper, it was great to meet you!

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Amy L