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Lilian's next session
Christmas gathering - Winter Supper Club at The Pod Cafe
🗓Friday 15th December 6:00pm

📍The Pod Cafe CV1 5DW

Great food and great company

Chloe SmithNigelLani DinesChris FinchLilianJames
12 GoodGymers are going - no space left 😢
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Fri 15th Dec at 6:00pm

Lilian went to a social

Sat 11th Nov at 7:00pm

Well that's a wrap! And we gave them a good tib!

Coventry Report written by James

Saturday night life ! Goodgymers eating out Eiritrian style !

A great night sampling an Ethiopian and Eritian restaurant and doing our best to eat african style without knives and forks, which didn't last too long !!

Some very colourful and tasty dishes enjoyed by all thank you all for coming along !

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Laura Denham

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Joe Crean

Tue 14th Nov at 10:03am

hi Laura the food looks delicious hopefully I can make it to next one how about we try a carrabien next time if someone could look into it I know there's a place at two tone centre in Ball hill jx

Joe Crean

Wed 15th Nov at 10:20am

thanks for the cheer Laura 😀jx

Lilian went on a group run

Tue 7th Nov at 6:15pm

Legs eleven 11

Coventry Report written by Laura Denham

A valiant group of 11 Goodgymers assembled to assist Feeding Coventry this evening.

Karen was there to welcome us and we set to work to conquer lots of leaves and declutter cupboards.

Armed with rakes and brushes, Jackie, Laura, James and Lil battled the autumn leaves like knights in shining armour, clearing the path and piling the leaves in one area to decompose.

The rest of the possy headed indoors to tackle the cupboard conundrum. The cupboard was overflowing with a mixture of tat, toys and forgotten treasures (a very antique bingo caller) which we emptied, sorted and then started to put back.

The team did a grand job sweeping up the leaves and restoring order to the cupboards. Karen was extremely happy with the progress we had made and our efforts will make it a lot easier for them to finish off.

Well done everyone!

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Laura Denham
Lilian went on a race

Sun 29th Oct at 8:30am

You’re havin’ a half

Coventry Report written by Laura Denham

Well done to all the Goodgymers who made it out this morning. Such a great atmosphere and so much fun! The runners did amazing and marshalls you did brilliantly too!

Clothing Coventry surpassed their target with £800 to spend on coats for those in need ⭐️

Hats off the Graeme who did the half carrying around 50lbs on his back to raise money for the RAF association, absolute trooper!

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Laura Denham