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Supporting Team Springboard at their allotment
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Sat 10th Jun at 10:15am

Supporting Team Springboard at their allotment

Help Team Springboard provide support to young people

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Laura P
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Tue 6th Jun at 6:15pm

Thistle do nicely

Coventry Report written by Laura Denham

9 GoodGymers walked, cycled and ran to Charter house this evening to help to take down some artwork. Gianni was at the bridge ready to welcome us and explain our task today which was in the beautiful landscaped walled gardens.

Back in April an artist called James Blunt completed a series of works created in Coventry for Historic Coventry Trust collaborating with Jon Foreman: Sculpt The World. Including some lovely works made by and with visitors using foraged materials. There were a few artworks in various locations across the Charterhouse site and in the London Road Cemetery (see photo's)

These artworks were amazing but with nature taking over the brick formation it was time for it to be dismantled so that the grass and weeds (including some very big thistles) could be mowed.

The team filled the buckets and wheelbarrows with the different sized bricks and carried them to the storage area of the garden. We piled them as best we could which was a bit like a game of Tetrus. After the task was complete we had a quick look round the garden at the vegetable patches and newly planted rose garden then made our way back.

Deb and Nigel cycled back home while the rest of us ran back with a detour around the cemetery which is also owned by CHT. We admired the trees and stopped to look at the the grave of James Starley, known as the father of the bicycle industry. Graeme left us the other side of the cemetery to run back home and the remaining group ran back to base.

Great session everyone, well done!

This is the link to James Blunts facebook account if you want to check out more of his natural artwork - its really good!

There is also lots going on at Charter House if you wanted to check out the events page, including a silent disco!

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