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12 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Friday 5th April

Report written by Michal Czekajlo

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We had a group run like attendance at the task this evening and I'm grateful for that, as we really needed every available muscle to make a dent in the 19.2 ton rain water soaked pile of sub base material. Welcomed by Jan, Callum, few other volunteers from the Friends of Group and Daisy the dog we were promptly involved in a GoodGym classic, namely spadework and wheelbarrow racing, all with the aim to create a path making Fishponds Wood accessible to all. A big number of barrow rounds was completed within our one hour task slot, however a lot of sub base material still remains for those who are keen to give it another go and see the path to completion.

Session Leader
Run leader
Jenna Drury
David Barrett
Laura Barrett
Michael Leadbetter
James Tilburn
Vicky Hearson
John Bourton
Michal Czekajlo
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Clearing a derelict allotment or finishing the fence painting at Park Grove
🗓Today 6:15pm

Enable the allotment to be let and promote the Groves Association

PeteNicola Gover
David Barrett
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