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14 Goodgymers helped their local community in York
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Monday 18th September 2023

Report written by Mitch

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On a cool Monday night, 14 GoodGymers braved the autumnal conditions, keen to do some good. Before we headed out, we celebrated Carl's 200th good deed! Go give him a cheer!! We warmed up by playing a game of duck duck goose, and after successfully locking the building up (with some difficulty), we headed out.

We arrived at Vicky's school, known as Park Grove Academy to some, and got started on two tasks.

1) One task involved moving a large pile of soil to fill in 3 raised beds. We were supplied with wheelbarrows (one with a very deflated wheel), spades and of course a large pile of soil. You know what this means. It's a GoodGym classic barrowing task. Under the leadership of Leanne, GG quickly got to work digging and moving the large pile of soil, until it was a slightly less large pile of soil. But more importantly, the raised beds were filled. There was even a fox in the woods who was very content watching and admiring GG's hard work.

2) The other task involved whitewashing a painted wall so it can be used again for painting. Max and Abi gave the wall an initial scrape to remove the loose pieces of old paint (and covered themselves with plenty of flakes) and then we got to work. With rollers and brushes in hand, we made quick progress on the wall. Some of the children nearby were asking why we painted over such a nice picture, but after explaining to them they seemed happy*. We made quick work of the wall and have put on the first of probably many coats. I think I speak for everyone when I say it was a very tidy job :D

After completing both tasks, we did a quick circuit for fitness which went down very well. Even Max was thankful he was out of breath. We finished up with a refreshing drink at the Akorne. It's what Monday's are made for!

*they laughed at us

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