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I am the area activator for Kingston Upon Thames. Keen to keep moving and improving.


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Tue 26th Sep at 6:30pm

Can you dig it? Yes we can

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Emma Crowe

Good things come to those that wait.

Normally our run reports are accompanied by dramatic before and after shots showing the transformation we’ve brought about. But I’m afraid proof of this week’s labour won’t be evident until the Spring when the 70 bulbs we planted in the new Goodgym Kingston flower bed, at Canbury Gardens, finally push their way through the soil!

We began as usual at our Quaker Centre meeting point and were grateful to Rachel and first time GoodGymer Lily who opted to walk and carry the tools and bulbs, while the rest of us ran to the riverside garden.

There Julie, Nina, Doris, Lily, Dave and Emma got stuck in (planting by head torch as the sun quickly set) the mixture of narcissus, daffodil, allium and tulip bulbs, while Claire and Rachel fetched water for the small plants and shrubs which Goodgymers had planted in the flower bed on Saturday.

It was a shorter run back as somehow we covered almost 4km getting to the site! Welcome to Lily and lovely to see Nina back for task 2. Can’t wait till April time when the hidden gems will hopefully appear!

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Rachel White
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Tue 2nd Jan 2024 at 6:30pm

Packing Christmas up for another year

Ensure that this supported living home is clean after the festive period

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Rachel White
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Tue 5th Dec at 6:30pm

Rachel White
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Tue 7th Nov at 8:30pm