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I am the area activator for Kingston Upon Thames. Keen to keep moving and improving.


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Create a new community wildlife garden in Surbiton
🗓Tuesday 4th October 6:30pm

📍The Quaker Centre KT1 2PT

Create a community space where people can meet and connect with the local environment. This will also create some great habitat for local wildlife populations

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Sun 16th Oct at 1:00pm

Surbiton Ski Sunday PACK DOWN

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Rachel White
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Tue 27th Sep at 6:30pm

Lovely Jubbly Jubilee Way

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Rachel White

Well, it was rather a fresh evening for our long group run to New Malden to meet with Dani and help out at Jubilee Way. The Artic Blast might be mostly felt in Scotland but that didn't stop us all wishing we'd worn our winter leggings and long sleeved tops. We ran, walked and cycled to Jubilee Way after our warm-up in Fairfield Park with a slight detour at the back as Google Maps gave a misdirection.

Dani met us at the task and explained the history of how there came to be such an amazing garden right behind the main road. Tucked away from the busy high street, the Jubilee Way beds were full of plants that had survived the summer droughts and we did our best to spare them from being strangled in the future by any weeds. Dani has worked so hard with local community groups and Zee from Glendale to keep the beds full of pollinators to help support the bees and insects. These pockets of greenery are vital for keeping the lower end of food chain alive.

Soon our hour was up and we hit the streets to get back to Kingston and then home. Thanks Dani! We look forward to visiting you and seeing how this amazing green project develops.

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Rachel White
Rachel White went on a group run

Tue 20th Sep at 6:45pm

Tending to the Cypress Hill/Byker Grove GoodGym flowerbed

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Rob Haworth

After the past two weeks soggy and wet missions it was exciting to be back GoodGyming in dry and early Autumnal conditions again. This week we were off to our newly newly, adopted bed in Canbury Gardens. After a consultation with Glendale about our previously adopted bed, we were advised to change locations. So although the team had previously been though the original bed and done a marvellous job at weeding it, we needed to start from scratch again on this new area. Smaller in size but perhaps better located and more manageable, it will hopefully be a wise move.

After a short sharp 2.5km run/cycle there, and a visit to the tool shed, we briefly discussed the initial plan of this abandoned area - get rid of the weeds and save any nice-looking plants, especially the pretty ones still flowering. Jassy came armed with a soil testing kit and will hopefully have the results for us in a few weeks. Rachel was identifying the different plants and the 2 trees on the plot (a Magnolia and Cypress something or other...) Everyone else was doing a grand job at digging, pulling, raking and shovelling weeds and old rots, into the bag in order to clear the bed and make it look like a well-maintained area.

After 45 mins the bed was transformed, from overgrown weed filled patch to a clear neat and tidy looking well managed bed. Now all we need is the bug hotel and a name for the plaque... suggestions in the group chat please.

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