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Kingston upon Thames

🌸Tidy up the GoodGym Flowerbed🌼
🗓Saturday 11th May 10:00am

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Claire Dunne
Claire Dunne went on a group run

Tue 9th Apr at 6:30pm

Hanging Out @ Growbaby

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Dave White

GoodGym Kingston smashed out another session at the amazing Growbaby this evening. After we had all run, walked or cycled there, we were greeted with a long list of tasks to tick off so we got straight to it.

Tom, Sabir and Dave were upstairs sorting out the bookshelves, toy boxes and board game cupboard, Claire, Mel, Skyla and Chloe were tasked with sorting out the huge amount of donations that were dropped off by DLAG at the weekend - nappies, wipes and babyfood to give out to the local families in need. Jana amassed a load of clothing to hang out on the rail for the families to browse when the charity was open the following day. Rachel kept us all in check and made sure the jobs were done well and within the time!

A big welcome to Skyla and Chloe on their first good deed! Lovely to have you along and hope to see you soon.

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SevanRachel White
Claire Dunne
Claire Dunne went on a group run

Tue 19th Mar at 6:30pm

Getting to the root of the issue

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Rachel White

Tuesday's group run got us up the hill to Surbiton Library where we met the walkers and the cyclists. A great turn out which was much appreciated as we had some heavy work to do. The ivy in the planters had got 2/3 foot deep and the poor plants were trying hard as they could but were struggling to get through the mass of roots and stems. It was our job to get rid of as much ivy as possible and free the plants.

With great gusto we grabbed loppers, secateurs and mattox and got to work. It took great effort to give the planters a haircut but we really got into it with our head torches in the dark. Once we shorn the first planter within an inch of its life we split into two teams with the first team continuing to get out as much of the root mass as possible and the second to start the process again with the other planter. So many hands did indeed make light work and we started the tidy up process well within the hour. Three massive sacks of green waste was produced from the two planters and 11 very delighted GoodGym volunteers!

We are looking forward to the next session where we empty out more of the planters so we can refill with good soil and then the planting can be done. Join us for the next session at Surbiton Library

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Harvey GallagherRachel White
Claire Dunne
Claire Dunne signed up to a group run.

Tue 19th Mar at 6:30pm

Rachel White
Claire Dunne
Claire Dunne went on a community mission

Sun 17th Mar at 6:45pm

Helping to Save our planet

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Kingston upon Thames runner

Last week 2 of us counted and compiled our plastic around the packaging we used, and registered this on a site so a better idea on how much plastic is wasted on a daily basic. This is to show the manufacturers that they need to find a different way, for our planets survival.

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Dave WhiteRachel WhiteHarvey Gallagher
Claire Dunne
Claire Dunne went on a group run

Tue 12th Mar at 6:30pm

Stools, Tools, Rules & Cagoules

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Dave White

GoodGym Kingston were off to local charity Growbaby this evening, a regular destination for our Tuesday evening run. As per usual we had a whole host of tasks awaiting us...

A crew of flat-pack builders set to work constructing 4 new STOOLS. This was a lot more involved than any of us had expected but fortunately Farzeen brought the right TOOLS for the job!

Meanwhile, donations needed to be sorted with food items being checked for best before dates and nappies sorted into sizes and stacked

Luke made sure that Growbaby were abiding by the RULES, ensuring that the fire exit was free and clear of obstructions.

Finally, Jana set about preparing a clothes rail for seasonal baby clothes... lots of blankets, sleep-bags, wellies, rain coats and CAGOULES... just the job for these rainy days.

Lots done and an enormous sense of well-being at the end. 5k in the bag for good measure too! Mission complete.

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SevanDave WhiteJulieRachel WhiteHarvey Gallagher
Claire Dunne
Claire Dunne signed up to a group run.

Tue 12th Mar at 6:30pm

Rachel White
Claire Dunne
Claire Dunne went on a group run

Tue 27th Feb at 6:30pm

Never too-tyred to help at Full Cycle

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Emma Crowe

As a group we get head over wheels running - or pedalling - over to Full Cycle, an independent, not for profit group, to help them get ahead on a few time consuming tasks.

This week the many hands of nine GoodGymers made light work checking and labelling dozens of inner tubes. Jas, Tom and Sabir focused on removing the inner tubes from a pile of tyres while Luke, Rachel, Claire, Julie, Dave and Emma pumped and deflated dozens of inner tubes waiting for our attention, sorting out the good from bad. It may not sound like a significant job but with the air tight ones all rolled up, labelled and stored in different crates for the different sizes, the maintenance team will now be able to easily reach for the right inner tube to fit in a bike they can sell second hand or give to someone in need in Kingston. And don’t worry about the punctured inner tubes - they all get recycled.

A run back along Kingston Road saw us back at the Quaker Centre, where our cool down gave us an opportunity to check who’ll be attending the range of other great tasks lined up for this week.

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SamDave WhiteJulieHarvey GallagherRachel White
Claire Dunne
Claire Dunne signed up to a community mission.

Sat 11th May at 10:00am

Rachel White
Claire Dunne
Claire Dunne went on a group run

Tue 20th Feb at 6:30pm

From soy to toy

Kingston upon Thames Report written by Rachel White

Claire, Rachel, Dave and Camilla met up at The Lamb pub, not for a drink, but for a stretch and to warm up for the slow hill up to Tolworth Recreation Centre. Claire and Dave headed off in the lead and Camilla and Rachel took a steady pace for the long climb. Once we arrived we met Emma and the 3 Js - Jana, Jade and Jas! Susan, from Kingston Pantry, welcomed us in and explained what tasks needed to be done.

With such a good turn out we split into two groups with one team heading into the food bank for a deep clean. All the items were taken down and the shelves were given a thorough wipe down with antibacterial spray. Fridges were wiped down too. The other group was taken up to the stay and play toy cupboard where everything needed a re-organisation. All the boxes, toy equipment, books, mats and dressing up clothes were taken out of the cupboard, sorted into their appropriate box and then put back in a slightly more systematic approach.

It was just after 8pm when we finished and reconvened in The Pantry. We had the great honour of congratulating Jade who not only had done 100 good deeds but also achieved the most good deeds in Kingston in the January Challenge - she topped 28 good deeds. What a legend! She certainly deserved her crown, cap AND trophy this night. Well done, Jade! So pleased for your achievements and thank you for being a good sport and letting us dress you up.

And a big warm welcome to Camilla for joining our group on her second task to date! Great to hang out with you and hope to see you at another task soon.

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SevanRachel WhiteHarvey Gallagher